Kindle Kanji in Manga look up?

I’ve seen some posts on how kanji look up doesn’t work for the kindle, but they were from a bit back. Is this still the case or are there projects to get this to work?

I’ve seen this kanji look up work for manga on Kobo (a competitor device) so I’m cautiously hoping it’s possible.

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Just to be clear, are you talking about the Kindle device itself or the Kindle app for other systems? I know of ways for the latter but my hunch is you mean an actual Kindle device.

hey there! Yup, I mean for an actual Kindle device.

If that’s the case, then it depends on what type of Kindle device it is. I believe the Kindle Fire can sideload apps but the Paperwhite cannot.

If you have the Kindle Fire, then it should just be a matter of acquiring the apk file of the look-up app you want and installing it.

I haven’t used this sort of thing in a while but I’ve gotten a lot of use out of Kaku. It’s also quite possible there are other apps out there that are just as good at this point.
If you need assistance getting the apk file I’m quite knowledgeable about that as well.


Thank you so much for this resource! I have a kindle oasis and can get the apk but I’m not finding resources saying that the oasis can be sideloaded on so I think I might be out of luck :frowning:

relaying a helpful answer I got from discord- apparently I can also use mokuro, mokuro2pdf, then load the files to my kindle to read. definitely a bit of a workaround, but am going to try and hope it works!

They are likely talking about how manga are images, therefore you just can’t search for them. Kindles don’t come with any sort of OCR, so there is just no way out of the box.

Even if this is possible, it might not be the best experience ever. Kindle are great for books, but imagequality greatly suffers, especially if there are complex grey tones that need to be shown. It’s also very flashy. I too have a kindle, and I still read manga exclusively on my phone, with access to a dictionary.

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Just as an update, I can confirm it worked for me. It takes a bit of set up, but the repo is here:

You can then send the file to your kindle email. I can’t speak to how it’ll look for other kindles, but on the oasis it works fine for me.

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Thanks for this. I’ve only used Mokuro to read and mine manga on the PC, as I don’t often read manga on my Kindle but maybe I will now.

That’s also pretty cool and that you can also do mining from your manga on your Kindle with Memo2Anki script.

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