Kickstarter for Outlier Kanji dictionary is now live

I’m interested in etymology and looked up all kanji in WK for their phonetic compositions when I did Keisei. I’m very skeptical that “understanding functional components” as touted there is superior to other methods like mnemonics (“cute stories” as they put it). At least it takes much longer to read all that stuff, if you can memorize stuff that doesn’t appear in modern kanji anyway.

For Japanese the phonetic components don’t work out as nicely as they do for Chinese. They are nice to have, but you need some memory-space to memorize the exceptions.

And for the ancient meanings, for example for 春 you get

I mean that’s nice, but does that help you in any way to learn 春 faster?

[I’m a bit interested anyway, but potentially just pulling in stuff from JMDict doesn’t warrant kickstarting, they even make money with an existing product already. I just look at the Chinese edition.]