Keyboard navigation to previous items does not respect lesson boundaries

I noticed today that when you’re doing multiple batches of lessons, finish one of the batches, move on to the next batch, then use the keyboard shortcut for going back to a previous item (the ‘a’ key), it will jump back into the previous batch and make you redo the quiz for all items.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Ensure you have more lessons available than the size of a single batch.
  2. Do the first batch of lessons and complete the quiz
  3. Hit the button to continue to the next batch
  4. Advance to the second item in that second batch
  5. Hit the ‘a’ key a bunch to go to previous items
  6. Observe you will be back in the items of the first batch of lessons
  7. Try to advance back to the second batch and observe you will be quized on the first batch again

Hey there! I believe we have an existing ticket for this one, so I will go ahead and add your comments to it!

Thanks also for providing the steps to reproduce!

-Nick at WK