Kerrie's Study Habits and Greeting

Hi everyone! My name is Kerrie, and I have had an account with WaniKani since January of 2021. I merely created account then, and only recently did I get a WaniKani membership. I have officially been using WaniKani since May 1st, 2022. I recently reached Level 5. My general goal is around N5 for now, though I won’t take the test and would rather keep going for now.

Currently my daily habits
- Review on WaniKani before work, during my breaks, when I get home, and before I go to sleep. (No more than 250-300 reviews a week and around 70-100 apprentice items). 
- In the mornings I have been listening to Pimsleur Beginner Japanese Courses on my way to work.
- In the evenings I listen to audio from LingQ (mostly the course with Noriko Sensei season one) on my way home. Currently I have a 119 day streak. However, I do sometimes just listen to music.
- I write one sentence on Hellotalk everyday about something I'm interested in. It's a great way for natives to correct your Japanese. 
-In any spare time I will read from LingQ or NHK Easy Japanese.
Other sources I use throughout the week
-The Nihongo app (dictionary)
-Forvo (website)
-Anki (on occasion) 
-Complete Japanese Grammar (book)
-Genki I (textbook)

Ultimately, I hope to incorporate even more Japanese into my lifestyle, and for now my current habits keep me busy.

I’ve gone through the forums and seen a variety of different learning methods and daily habits. There are many interesting ways for learning the Japanese language. Many different, but generally used, viewpoints about how to use WaniKani to the fullest aswell. I am most excited to have joined this community and am open to any comments, opinions, and advice others may have. Thank you for taking your time to read this post. Best wishes to you all.



Welcome! Best of luck in your studies :slight_smile:


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