Kenichi's audio for 治る

Two feedback posts in two days… I promise this won’t become a habit :slight_smile:

Kenichi’s audio for 治る is wayyy too loud and should probably be normalized down to the level of all the other audio clips (compare with e.g. 治す). I’ve sort of come to fear this word appearing in my reviews, since I know it will always be accompanied by an earth-shattering N A O R U. It would be nice if I didn’t have to fear for the safety of all the glass objects in my room when doing WK reviews. Thanks!


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll pass this along.


Ah, getting flashbacks here to the original recording they had for the 鰐蟹 vocab item. The one with Kouichi’s voice. Car alarms would go off three blocks away.


lol, I just found this thread from a year ago:

Things don’t change much, do they? In more ways than one :sweat_smile:


While you’re at it, you may want to take a look at 改める as well; it seems too loud as well.

Or even better - it wouldn’t be too hard to write a program to take all the audio clips and normalize their volumes…


It also wouldn’t be too hard to provide a setting to randomise the audio clips between Kyoko and Kenichi.

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Reorder Omega lets you do this.


I don’t doubt that. Flaming Durtles can also randomise the audio clips. But if the answer is “use a third-party software”, then this can be applied to the problem of audio clip volume as well.

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Can it? Actually, now you come to say it, I imagine that probably is possible within the limitations of a userscript… maybe I’ll give writing it a go :slight_smile:

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Yeah, unfortunately our process for updating audio is not the most straight-forward at the moment (we’re looking at changing it) so until now we have usually waited until we have enough audio edits to be made to make them all in one batch. Our next batch of audio edits should be uploaded in the next few weeks though so 治る should be done by then and I’ll make sure 改める gets looked at also.

Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for your patience too :slightly_smiling_face:


(なお)る still remains loud. I jumped from the seat.

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We’ve replaced the audio for 治る and 改める! Sorry this took so long. :bowing_woman:t3:

We’ve also updated our process for replacing audio, so we should be able to fix things much more quickly in future!


I couldn’t hear that :sob::sob:

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