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I am wondering if others are interested in generating a spreadsheet devoted to kanji that correspond to Kendo-related vocabulary. I often want to watch tournament/practice/ seminar videos that are in Japanese, but the kanji that correspond to terms like (kata, waza, and on and on) are not always intuitive and they do not often appear in online dictionaries because they are pretty niche. I have begun something like this, for example, I have entries like:

引き hi-ki pull, tug, jerk, as in hikiwaza ( 引き技 ); Perhaps it captures the idea that you are pulling backward (at least with your body) when you strike.

but other kenshi much more advanced in Japanese could probably do a better job and collaborating would also make the process quicker and easier to disseminate.

If you are interested, here is a link to a Google Drive that I have already started. Feel free to ad anything, but I am hoping that people can provide feedback on the best structure, double check items that are added, etc.



You could add Gedan on the stances:

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Ah, of course! Good inclusion - especially since the first kanji is like LVL 1. Thanks!

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Quickly thinking some other items that might be included (and I think I didn’t see them yet):

-maki-waza: 剣道 Kendo. Maki-waza - YouTube

-seme in general, ashi seme, ki seme, uchi seme

-suriage, harai

-I’d also include all shiai terms, probably forgetting some but at least the common ones: hajime, yame, ippon ari, men/kote/do/tsuki ari, nihonme, shobu, shobu ari, hansoku, jogai, shiajo, aite, torikeshi, kogi

-some other generic terms like kime, zanshin, hayasuburi, shinkokyuu, kiai


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