Keeping weekly reviews under 200

Is it feasible to keep the weekly reviews (loving the timeline feature!!) to under 200? I’ve been at 0 reviews for a couple days now, and although I’ve been burning many items the weekly reviews haven’t gone under 200 for more than a couple hours.

I was trying to put off learning more lessons (I’m at 120 or so) until it’s decently under 200 (like 160 or so) so that I don’t get overwhelmed with reviews but now I’m questioning if that’s possible…

My current standings:

200 per week is pretty low. If you totally stop doing lessons the number of reviews will gradually lessen, but I can’t say how long its going to take for you to clear out the items you’re currently learning. To limit reviews you want to keep an eye on your apprentice and guru queues because those are the reviews that come up the most frequently.

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I honestly think it is impossible. There are some threads from others that show that once you hit 30, all of the master and enlightened Kanji/vocab start piling up. I also think only reviewing 200 a week won’t be as helpful. The constant reviewing really does help everything stick.


For a moment I thought you meant under 200 daily reviews but no, it is weekly. This is awfully low. It will take forever to reach level 60 at this rate.

Why you want reviews to be this low is beyond me but I respect your choice. In my opinion (this is just an opinion) your objective is awfully hard to achieve. I did not test this hypothesis but I would surmise that at this level even masters and enlightened reviews would be a factor. People usually ignore them when planning their reviews but I think that in your case they will use a substantial portion of your target review count. It takes months for items to go through the master and enlightened stages. Waiting for these to get out of the way will take forever. This does not seem to be a workable strategy.

You are testing the lower limit of the system. I suggest that if the objective is too hard to achieve you should not fight the software to achieve it. You should test was is reasonably achievable by doing lessons at a rate that makes sense for you and settle for it.


Instead of keeping the number of reviews down, why not just work on doing them faster? I too don’t have a whole lot of time to do reviews, so I use this script to try to answer every question in 8 seconds or less. When you’re just getting used to it, I would start with 15 seconds or so.


I have just seen your edit. Based on these numbers I think your current review count is as low as it will ever get. There is no room to reduce your apprentice and guru counts. There is nothing you can do to further reduce your reviews.

Edit: the only option I can think of is completely stop doing lessons for a couple of months. Then the master and enlightened reviews will go away. I don’t think this is a desirable thing to do.

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Alright. Real talk here. You are definitely capable of way more than your current pace. Challenge yourself! Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself further; it’s good for growth.

In my experience, and I even timed this earlier today, 200 cards (= 400 total items between meaning and reading) should take < 30 minutes. Just gotta get into the rhythm and for each item you either know it or you don’t - either outcome is fine.

So you should be able to get through 200 reviews a day without that much of a time commitment.

Try picking up the pace! I bet you’ll surprise yourself.


200 per week? I’m hitting ~300 per day :woozy_face:


200 reviews shouldn’t take you more than an hour. But if you only have an hour a week to do WK probably you should give it a rest and come back when you have more time.

You should do your reviews every day for srs to be effective.

on light days haha

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