Keeping track of your readings


Yes, most of my entries are 不明, except for the first time I read 獣の奏者, because I complained about how hard it felt on FB at the time :stuck_out_tongue: and also except the most recent books I read.

Edit: I noticed that nope, that’s not the date registered. Instead, that’s the date I read it “for real”. I guess I have deleted the original one (at first I registered both, but I actually gave up mid-way the first time around, so that make sense)


after reading through this thread most of my answers questions have been answered

I’ve added a few of you, please add me if you like!
I just have a number for some reason

Does anyone here read Haruki Murakami novels? I have read one or two in English and wonder how difficult they are to read in Japanese


Added all my books!

The pie chart doesn’t really make sense to me :thinking: why is it 50% 天野こずえ when only 1/3 of the books I’ve read are by that author? And I’ve read just as many by 石塚 千尋, but they’re only 25%…

Edit: hmm, maybe it only shows things you’ve read in the past 12 months. That would make sense. Still don’t like that that bar chart isn’t a line graph though >.<


Decided to join! It’s kind of nice to have a separate page to keep track of Japanese books and manga specifically (even if it’s more than 50% A Silent Voice at the moment). Add me if you like!


@saiakuma’s profile image: 12/10 :ok_hand:


I wonder if this will make me feel embarassed by the amount of reading I do and force me to actually improve \o/


You could do a speed reading challenge or something like that!!
a race to 60 books for example… the new level 60 :biking_man::weight_lifting_woman::racing_car:

I’m kinda thinking something like that actually after level 60 in WK :sweat_smile:. Keeping a study log with books and immersion material after WK…

Maybe a Tadoku contest in the WK group over Bookmeter? :thinking:


Yeah, I’ve thought about that. Maybe I should focus on reading more manga because it’s easier to binge volumes. That boost in numbers might motivate me to continue.

Nevertheless, today I’m making a plan of what/how many things I’ll read until the JLPT (I’m not taking it, it just feels like a good deadline to aim for). I started doing the same for vocab a few months ago and since then I’m a solid 30+ words/day :laughing::ok_hand:


that’s a lot!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth: … doesn’t that create a huge pile of reviews later ?
Actually I think sometimes one story (15 pages) produces the same amount of new words in my case… so probably if aiming higher at reading that can turn that into much more…
I actually was aiming at doing after WK some challenge related to reading and watching stuff … but I’m not sure how to proceed with the new vocab I’ll face… I’m kinda expecting just reading a lot will suffice to sort of replace the SRS thingie… or maybe just don’t add everything to the SRS machine…


I think that’s the trick. For me, immersion alone never gave good enough results. So far, having to produce an answer (i.e. type it) has been the most effective way, but you have to chose your battles. I tried adding everything I encountered thanks to floflo, but that lead to either a crazy build up of lessons, or me having to stop reading because I would otherwise have to add more words. Interestingly, that lead to a decrease of reading (thus immersion).

Then I just bumped up the frequency, adding only words that appear at least 3 times in the book. When the number of words per book got low enough, I increased the challenge to adding words that appear at least twice (and just ignore the rest). Now that those are getting low as well, I may go back to add everything I come across.
NB: I have a total of almost 7k words in floflo: 3k in the SRS ans 4k “trashed”, that is, know already, plus the words from WK, which are filtered out, so a total of approx 12~13k words? For people with a lower word count, the same strategy can be applied starting with, for instance, frequency 5 (word appears at least 5 time) and progressively decreasing.


I’d also note that it depends on reading speed: I can afford to learn lower-frequency words in the books I’m reading because it takes me approximately three years to read one book.


Right now I’m already burning items (with an average of 90+% accuracy across all SRS levels). I have around 1000 reviews (which is around 1600 flashcards) a day (I do EN => JP as well, so 3 sides per card). I can go through 150 every 10 mins or so with full focus (taking into consideration that I take a break after those 150 cards).

I’m mainly doing decks that aren’t connected directly to exposure (Core 10k and 4.5k katakana words vs book wordlists). The method of learning words in a book could increase my accuracy and my upper limit of words/day. Also, I’ve been improving my timing on when to do reviews for maximum potential. I’m realizing that the more I hesitate doing something (“mehhhh 100 reviewss nooooo yadaaaaa!!”), the more tiring this whole process puts me. So, I see 100 reviews, I kill them in 6-8 mins with full focus. No spending time nor energy on wondering what to do.

I just wanna get over Japanese studying (not practicing) in around a 1/2 years max. That’s why I’m going for crazy numbers.

This. This is the way to go imo. However, instead of going for freq 5, I’d go for easier reading materials and adjust freq with unknown words.

For example, let’s say that you wanna spend 20 days on 1 book. You’ll think of words you wanna learn per day (from that book) and multiply by days (let’s imagine 20 words/day x 20 days = 400 words). Now, you just go for the frequency that gives you around 400 words. Freq 5 might give you 200 words, freq 4 might give you 350 and freq 3 might give 500, let’s imagine. You adjust the words depending on how much time you’re willing to spend on that book. Of course, you can always adjust time instead. If the book has a bunch of unknown words, you might want to spend more days reading it.

I’m not using Floflo though, but the method I advise is pretty much that :v:


Hi, my name is mechturk, and I think I have a problem.



It um, looks a lot worse now that I’ve put everything in a list. I think maybe I ought to start reading.

Good thing I use a separate site to track Manga…

I’ve added some people from here. Feel free to add me as well!





You can make “bookshelves” to keep things more ordered in bookmeter.


:eyes: … how?


So, that’s the phone interface, I don’t know about the computer side, but go to the main menu and then 本棚 (under 読みたい本)


Thank you!

For anyone else looking on a computer:

Edit: oh my goodness, so many instructions in Japanese O.o


I made an account:

While I haven’t read a lot of books yet, I figured the website may be useful for keeping track of stuff in the future! (and it’s cool to be able to see some stats)

Also, some random person I don’t recognise from here added me pretty much instantly… that was unexpected!


My thoughts exactly!

I didn’t realise you’d actually read the porepore book completely - how was it?