Keeping score in Badminton

Does anyone know how to keep score in badminton in japanese, so many ways of counting things!

I asked my Japanese badminton buddy and she had no idea as she only learned the game in this country :slight_smile:

Tried Prof Google but could only get instructions on keeping score in English (which I do know how to do)

Perhaps someone in this community knows?




Are you asking which counter is used? Typically 点 (てん)
The actual scoring rules seem the same.

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Thank you I will start using it next game :badminton:


Should indeed be 点.

Checked the rules section of the Wikipedia entry and it says, for example:


Rough translation

In both singles and doubles matches, it’s first to two out of three games. The first side to get 21 rally points wins a game. However, in the case of 20-20 there will be an extension playing until a 2 point difference or 30 points are reached. i.e. in the case of 29-29 the side who takes the next point wins the game.


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