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That’s my way of saying I am about to pay for WK and am excited!



I think the prompt you get at level 3 is a little confusing, though. You actually don’t need to upgrade until the end of level 3 - level 4 is when the premium content starts - so you can hold off for a bit to get the most out of your $$$.


Is there a level beyond 60??? Is it called Star level???

Also, thank you for that! It will probably take another week before I am ready for level 4 so I suppose I will just do those 100+ lessons I got and go from there :smiley:


Star level is after level 60 but before level infinity. :wink:


I am at five full pages of Cheat Journal! I am going to go ahead and make Katakana pages tonight. I am so excited to work on my board game as well. Anyone have a tasty index of fantasy/obscure terminology in Japanese?

Anyone: No, we don’t.

Corbayne: Well, thank you for at least responding <3


These are for my eyes only. NO PEEKING! Thank you. I have plans so I am using this thread as my personal cache of personal goodies. PERSONAL goodies, so, like I mentioned, NO PEEKING. Arigato.


Sacricia- an Upwright girl with a jilted understanding of existence. Upon questioning the apparently fragile fabrics of time and energy in Topia, Sacricia poked holes into the skulls of others causing what was contained to leak and wither. In the consequential confusion, the body of Sacricia was offered in to the Afterdeath through force, in turn, churning the forces and features of Topia to be plagued with Angst and alteration.

Doolai- the Doolai are a Coreakopian species of dolphin/chandelier creatures who have kindled closely to the Upwright more than other lifeforms. With the pseudo-Upwright preference came a gathering of the Doolai to exclusively being in Coreakopia, leaving no known Doolai anywhere else in Topia.

The Great Tragedy- a mutation of the mind caused a domino effect of paradigm shifts and personality formations abound the lands and lives of Topia. The source sight of the Angstpiration (the initial introduction of Angst and emotion to Topia) was in Coreakopia amidst confrontation between the Upright and the Doolai. Sacricia had begun to wonder, plan and aspire, all concepts that were once nonexistent to any life in Topia. The fellow Topians slowly began to separate themselves from Sacricia, isolating themselves from something they did not understand and no longer viewed as their own.


~OPGD~: Once Per Game Day

Player(s): only non-fiction element in Topia
Naar R. 8R- a Realm Agent that acts as a guide for the player(s)
Zymirst- the Zyma or leader of the lands and people of Coreakopia, a collective within Topia
Wum- a Coreakopian who was spared by her husband, Drumm, during his turn into Angst Blight
Drumm- lost in a battle with Aftead and was consumed with Wraith, turning him to anger incarnate
Angerdrumm- an advanced Aftead made of anger that exercises Wraith in combat
Drumbles- shavings of Drumm lost in the battle before turning created these minions of Anger

<The lands of Topia had waged on in chaos and melancholy for a few decades now before the emergence of a suitable assembly of Sanktitty to combat Sinources. The Sanktitty Forefront was brought to light by an intervention of the ForeAfter in the dreams and afterthoughts of Coalition Zymas in near simultaneous action. Near the beginning of the fallout of the Great Tragedy was the epiphany brought upon these leaders of Topia, divine leadership giving the world access to survival amidst utter consumption of self. This fight for survival would not be immediate or effortless, forcing the Zymas and their affiliates to conduct a resistance in secrecy as best as possible, most plans never coming to fruition due to loss or enforced heresy. The ForeAfter had instilled in the minds of the Zymas that the world shall be liberated by a Sanktitty of Upwright, alien creatures from galaxies far away who are most skilled in “eMotions”. Thus, as kingdoms and Coalitions crumbled from the Angst, the remaining Zymas paid sacrifice to the ForeAfter to bring forth Upwright Absolvers destined to return Topia to harmony or fail and perpetuate the havoc.>

Naar R. 8R: No, no, no, these are not what was ordered! I must request you take a look at your sell sheet and provide inventory for…excuse me. Deliverer! I must….ah….get a more strident tone, that’s what I must. Oh, hello there. Welcome to your new home, I suppose. It is on the brink of termination but you still deserve a welcome to the end, ah? Well- greetings aside, can we please get your registry and chem-coding? Thank you.

(Player Input)

Naar R. 8R: Oh, I see, I see. Dear me, this is disconcerting to say the least. It seems we have been expecting you exactly, I mean to say, well, you’re why I am here. I have been instructed to gather a tad more information from you before shipment can commence. Please answer these inquiries so you may begin your destiny.

(Player Input)

Naar R. 8R: Right then- onward to destiny and what not. You’ve got a lot of work to do, hopefully you can achieve what others have failed at. Hopefully, pfft, like there’s hope left after Angerdrumm…
…your Resembly has been completed. Enjoy your ventures in Topia!

(Player Input)

Zymirst: Well what do I have here but another weary traveler looking to avenge a world they aren’t actually responsible for mending? I’m Zymirst, the Zyma of Coreakopia, and I bid you hello and farewell. What was that? You’re expecting some kind of explanation? Oh. Well, this area here is yours to maintain and yours alone, meaning no one else can be held responsible for it. Use this Homestead to manage your Sanktitty, resources and future endeavors. If it doesn’t look up to your standards, take some time to make it your own, or don’t, either way, I must return to my Navitory before something else slips into Coreakopia besides that accursed Angerdrumm.

(Player Input)

Cor. Aft.: We will fill your soul with the fury of a thousand volcanoes!
Cor. Aft. 2: Even if you ReTurn me, Angerdrumm will turn your meaty body into juice with extra pulp!
Cor. Aft. 3: Please, help me. Ha! This weak body can never contain my wraith!

(Player Input)

QUEST – “The Burning Rage Consumes No Water”

<QUEST begins upon meeting/encountering Wum Drumm>

Wum: Coreakopia has lost all hope and it’s all my fault. My spouse has become Afflicted and is leading a march throughout in order to stir up as much Anger is possible. I…still feel so lost and confused. Drumm was protective of my Purity, knocking me unconscious when he began to turn. As Angerdrumm, he still keeps his distance from this township to separate us and continue protecting me…but, there’s an eerie chill about things now and I fear my Purity is finally at risk. Is there a chance my plea to ReTurn my husband will be answered?

<Unlocks “Angerdrumm” boss encounter for Combat Phase>

Drumbles: What are you here to do besides piss us off? (Yeah, piss us off?!) Huff and puff until you pass out, plumply Upwright, there’s no CHANCE of you going past us. (Yeah, no chance past us!) Angerdrumm is going to become Grand Angst Blight before you creatures can save this forsaken world. (Now let’s consume their Purity and satiate our thrist!)

<Only once “Drumbles” are ReTurned can combat continue on to “Angerdrumm”>

Angerdrumm: [laughter] I am not in the mood for this. I will never be [laughter] in the mood for this insolence. You’ve ReTurned my Drumbles, creating more work, pissing me off. I will consume your weak existence and quicken my journey to becoming Angst Blight!

Drumm: [coughing] Ow, shhhh, my body aches all over. Wait, am I back? I’m back! Oh thank you, whatever you are! Wum? Wum?! Wum, I’m back to my Pure self!

Wum: Drumm! Oh my sweet Drumm, back to your normal appearance, too! Upwright, you have ReTurned my husband to me and have made it possible for us to begin a defense here in Coreakopia. If you are in need of goods or services for your Homestead, speak with us.

Drumm: Anything you need, Upwright. We are now of Sanktitty, ever loyal to Topian ReTurn.

Wum: When you have a moment, stop at the Navitory and inform Zymirst of your successes over Angst.

<Coreakopia Shoppe becomes available with Starter Inventory; QUEST becomes available @Zymirst>


QUEST: “Rose Colored Glasses”

<Begin QUEST once ‘Mysterious Passageway [BLOCKED]’ becomes unblocked by breaking through the barrier>

Molchane: Psst. Trespasser…cease movements. Psst! I am trying to get you to stop moving, please, and listen. There is something wrong in the World of Light. Something so wrong that our Molcha Abyss is in peril. Such peril that you must help us, for it may be your fault. I know not who you are or what brought you here to our home, but, you must bring me these. Yes, the things I need to save our Abyss are there on that list. Go, go now, please, get the things and bring them here. Hurry, please.

<The ‘Molcha List’ is not legible and the player must find someone to decipher the “language”>

Gnomost: I am a gnome and also I am a ghost. (Give ‘Molcha List) I am a gnome and also I am a ghost who speaks Molchane. (Receive ‘Legible Molcha List’) I am a gnome and also I am a ghost.

<’Legible Molcha List’ asks for 100 Resource, Cheery Chains and a Molcha’s Muzzle; player(s) return to ‘Mysterious Passageway [OPEN]’ with all required items>

Molchane: Psst! Finally, we’ve been dwindling in numbers since we saw you last. Hurry and bring the items to…

<Begin Combat Phase with “Molcha-Molcha” Boss Angst>

Molcha-Molcha: Muncha-muncha cruncha-cruncha! [slurping/eating sounds] Oooo. Pure, pure, pure, pure delicious…Upwri? UPWRI?! With your Purity I will consume Topia to its core!

<After the first Molcha-Molcha form reaches 0 Ang, “Mala-Molcha” or “Molchette” is played in place of Molcha-Molcha depending on Post-match Results>

Mala-Molcha: [teeth chattering] I must taste your screams…enfold your vision within the confines of mulched heart so you’ll see a way out of this inevitable doom!


Molchette: Weaken…weaken…me. Me…me…Molch…Molchane…Molchane Molchette, needs help. Help, please.

<ReTurn of Molcha in final form(s) results in Shopper Hopper availability A or B>


Molchane: Molchette! You’re YOU again! We can dig out a guest room together now.

Molchette: I get Turned and you still couldn’t find time to begin the expansion? You’ve been up to what exactly, Molchan-martyr?

Molchane: Like we were about to discuss, we are so thankful for you ReTurning some security to us Molcha down here.

<Gain ‘Shopper Hopper: A’ as usable in-game service ~OPGD~>


Coreakopian Shoppe: visitable place to purchase Items, Consumables and exchange Resource
Shopper Hopper: a tendril system that offers a Stash and Shoppe impromptu most places in Topia


On one half of the planet, the Afterdeath is featured with Coreakopia, Hymgrald and Toostufe are the major settlements of lifefroms. Within Coreakopia lives the Upwright which are human-giraffe hybrids and the Doolia who came to Coreakopia once scattered across Topia and now live solely in Coreakopia. Hymgrald is a bazaar of lifeforms and Topian functions that is well known to all life as the Topian Heart. The groundtown called Toostufe has an undefined size as it features an abundance of tunnels and underground and subterranean architecture that it is ever uncharted. When the emergence of the Angst Geysers and Tendrils crumbled most of the infrastructure of Toostufe, a great deal of the population relocated or was Turned. Beyond Toostufe was a grandiose volcanyes or negative-volcano, so, the mountainous formation consumes energy instead of producing it.


Blank battle/combat card. Missing: Vice Spectrum



Deleting it on the computer so it will live on here lol


Slish: the most commonplace fish and food resource. Slish start off as Slill (baby-fish) and survive for quite some time while simply growing in size. Once the Slill has reached a size where it can no longer comfortably swim, it will beach itself and essentially begin to cook itself. Slill have been known to beach far inland and even become infrastructure for land creatures to dwell in. Slish continue to grow via being fed Forelife through the grounds and nature it settles upon. If a Slish is consumed enough, it will eventually revert back to a Slill and attempt to return to the seas, or, will simply be recycled by Topia and bring new life instead.


This has been a very productive day! Thanks to everyone for respecting my privacy.


“We might be able to get away with it. It hasn’t been done before. Or thought before. How would we even do it? What might happen?” The girl sorts out her thoughts aloud as the Doolai listened intently. The Upwright girl had been frequenting the Doolai more and more since they experienced The Tingles. ‘The Tingles’ is just the nickname they gave the strange feeling both are still sorting out.

“You’ve thought this through and thought of how that thought was wrong. And repeated. Diversify now and try to focus on how,” offers the Doolai almost in agitation. “I fear your return whenever you leave.”

The Tingles were more than just an unsavory feeling that kindled confusion within Sacricia and the Doolai. Sacricia had become host to a powerful new brand thought among all life in Topia, one that brought as many questions as it did consequences. Once the now ambitious Upwright girl began to wonder, her wonderment consumed her being.

This wonderment, thinking beyond the bounds that had never been tainted, was infectious. A truly vile virus-like intrigue that was near impossible to shake once a being begins Turning. The act of Turning, which was the process of becoming consumed by The Angst, affected all beings differently and to varying degrees, though, everything could ultimately Turn completely in time.


I am super excited to integrate Japanese culture and language into Topia as I continue learning through WaniKani.

Favorites that are likely inclusions: Many radicals (like raptor cage), hitobito, kazan and karaoke.


This is NOT how to keep it fun… (insert cute angry face I see all over WK but don’t know how to create)