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I’m interested in this and had a look at the shared decks, I found the audio on the Totoro one misses the beginning of sentences sometimes. Do you find this happening?

Well, most of the shared decks are contributions from users, so there’s a mix of decks in terms of quality as well.

The Subs2SRS program lets you preview the scenes to be extracted before going with the whole batch of cards, so you can adjust before. This is specially usefull in series with lots of episodes.

Anyway, answering to your question, it happens from time to time, even when you set the correct settings in the Subs2SRS program. Usually I find 1 out of 20 or 50 cards to have a sync problem like the one you mention. I could spend the extra time to avoid this, but you can get so many cards with so little effort that I prefer to work by the numbers and don’t waste much time on it. I’m ok with having 10 bads cards in a batch of 500 - 1000 :sweat_smile:

If you want to give it a go I would recommend starting with a deck comming from a long lasting series (Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter X, etc) as they are so long that you can get yourself with thousands of cards righ away to start finding nice sentences to practice your vocab .:+1:

Ncastaneda, I also have experience with what says Octagon. At the beginning of Mainingu we were using massive card generation, based on subs2srs. We got a lot of recurrent feedbacks from our users, reporting those kind of issues linked to bad card quality. To be honest, those feedbacks surprised me quite a lot as personally, I dont mind of those bad cards too much as I can skip them. But we got these feedbacks sytematically so took the big decision to focus more on the cards quality : we gave up 80% of the card number (e.g. cards with too strong background music, too long sentence, with timings not well sync or with too rare Japanese) to leave less than 20% of high quality cards. My perception is that this is what my users are asking for. Of course the price of the quality is very expensive : I need to spend extra time to remove those cards… today the feedbacks I get the most on Mainingu is that people want more cards :smiley:

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