Keep studying while being sick?

The title says it all.

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just do what you can with the energy you have available to study. i’ve had some severe health issues complicated by my genetic disability over the past several years so I just do what I can each day.


Log in, do as much as you feel comfortable with, keep the streak alive, rest.


stick it on holiday mode. go and get better. give your brain a rest.


Really depends how sick your are. Right now I got the sniffles and a foggy head, so doing anything like comprehending new grammar points is out of the question. But I can do vocab reviews by the hundreds. Don’t know a word? Move on, I can review it again later. But there are words that I know so well even with brainfog that it gives me a great convidence boost, making me feel better on this terrible day.

But I never study while in pain or nauseous. That just makes it so that I assoziate studying with unpleasant things. No thanks.


If it is only a cold then study to your heart’s desire

If anything else then at most listen to music or watch a movie.

Or nothing
Most importantly get better.


Don’t do unreasonable things.

Mostly about doing less as appropriate. Take appropriate rest. Vacation mode if you have to.


There are some great suggestions in the replies! I think you can go about this in a lot of different ways. If you’re really, truly sick or even just extremely miserable, you won’t be productive studying. In that situation, I suggest taking a break from everything, especially if studying creates extra stress. If you’re still sick but not extremely uncomfortable, studying things that take a lower level of cognitive function is a good idea. For that, I would suggest keeping up with your reviews or even just a few lessons. This is probably not a great time to do any “deep studying” like learning grammar or something that takes a lot of concentration. If you’re technically sick but capable of studying as normal (like having COVID and being asymptomatic), I would stay with your study plan. It’s a good way to pass the time and that way you don’t fall behind on your goals.

I hope you feel better soon! :grin:

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