Karaoke Night! A Monthly Event?

I thought maybe we could organize a WaniKani Community Karaoke night once a month online? Is there a good app for group karaoke? Would Zoom work? We could compile a list of songs a few weeks before so everyone could learn them and we could sing them, chat about Japanese and just all connect.

I know that the pandemic has been super hard on so many of us. I think this would be something positive we could do to bring the community together.

Here’s a few songs I’ve liked lately to get the ball rolling.

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This is a fun idea, but I’m not sure the logistics would work out. I investigated ways to do group karaoke online around a year ago (for obvious reasons) but couldn’t figure out a method that didn’t involve special equipment or memberships for everyone involved.

Has anyone seen a concept like this pulled off successfully?


I thought about this proposal and it is weird, scary and outright embarrassing.

Fantastic idea, let’s do it! :heart_eyes:

I don’t know how to solve technical issues, but I will do some research.
Does it need to be real time or would it be acceptable to have people just upload their songs?


Hmm, I hadn’t considered just recording ourselves beforehand. It wouldn’t be as fun as doing it live, but it could work!


I would have no idea how to get the songs for karaoke, but we could have the singer blasting the music while singing to a microphone right? That’s the first method that comes to mind.

I’m far too shy to sing, but I definitely love this as an idea.

I think a combination of Zoom (or similar) and something like Watch2Gether would probably work?
Could probably find a lot of popular karaoke songs on Youtube.

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Oh I totally understand! I’ve tried to sing karaoke before and I was stuck catching the last syllable of every line and nothing else!! Unless I actually study the song in advance, I really am going to be bad with this! But we can do that! Each of us can choose a few songs and submit them way in advance to the group and we can look the songs up and try to familiarize ourselves with them. We can also slow the song down if it’s super fast. (ie: Yaosobi “Monster” is insane but I love it!) and start really slow and go again and again as a bit of a challenge, spacing out each attempt with a few other easier songs in between.

Watch2Gether looks really interesting! Agreed! I think this could work!

And yes, youtube has plenty of songs with the lyrics listed already. So the next step is getting everyone involved. Any of you guys know how to design a poll on wanikani community? Submit songs and sign up for songs you’d like to sing with others. It’s okay to just listen to the music and chat through text while others perform. The point is just to come together. Who cares if your voice cracks right? That’s part of the fun!

I also think we should decide on a simple meal we can eat together. Something we can make at home or order for the evening. We can have three options and you can decide what is easiest for you to make or get. Snacks that we can eat together, preferably japanese snacks that some of us would be trying for the very first time. Drinks! We can make a drink list and try to get at least something on the list, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic for when we say Kanpai!! Because everyone has to drink at once. That’ll be really fun.

And we can tell stories. If there’s a story behind why you chose a song, a drink, anything, it’d be really nice if you could share with the group before your song comes on so we can connect just a little more.

Anyone have any dance challenges they want to submit? KPop is notorious for that sort of thing, does J-Pop have any silly dances we can learn and do together?

These are all ideas to make sure we can all stay engaged.

I really love every single one of you and I want this to be something we can look forward to every month so we can help hold each other up, support one another, and keep pushing forward.

Hope to hear from even more of you guys real soon!


I’ve done Karaoke on Zoom a few times, usually we’d just have the person share their screen and audio while singing. It’s not the bessssst, but no one was complaining.


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