For a while I have been using the free resource KANJIDAMAGE to study new Japanese kanji. However, aside from the official Anki deck, there is no way to test one’s knowledge of the KANJIDAMAGE kanji. In a rush to prepare for the JLPT N5, I have created worksheets with a selection of the KANJIDAMAGE kanji to gauge how far I am with learning the new vocab (and if Anki-only studying is even effective), and I would like to share what I have made. Please note that I am not affiliated with KANJIDAMAGE or Hello Damage and that these worksheets are completely unofficial.

If you would like to contribute by making more worksheets, you can. (Maybe also make WK worksheets?) Keep in mind that because these are KANJIDAMAGE worksheets, I only based the meanings and readings off of what KANJIDAMAGE gave. This may mean that not all possible meanings / readings for a kanji are in the answer key.


Entire Dropbox folder

0001-0050 –

Kanji → Meaning .docx .pdf
Kanji → On'yomi .docx .pdf

I really look forward to printing these off! If you make any Wani Kani ones, I’d personally love it too! I’m more of a tactile learner, so something about physically sitting down and going over a paper worksheet with a pencil helps me tons, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

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