Kanji writing script

Hey been using wanikani for a while now,
and i have been really loving it, however i want to start writing more!
Does anyone have any scripts that could help with this?



Hello hello, welcome!

There’s a script that shows stroke order diagrams with lessons, reviews, and on the individual item pages. ^^


I recall seeing a script a while ago for printing writing practice sheet.


another WK user has made an app called Ringotan to help practise writing kanji. for now only available on android though…


I posted a kanji writing deck on Kitsun a few weeks ago here. There are stroke order diagrams within the cards and there is a WaniKani filter link in the description to follow along (along with link to Kitsun’s app) if you choose to coincide, otherwise tagged by N-level. Front cards include both meaning/reading to limit guesswork of similarities (an issue I’ve had with prior tools) and can be used with a number of handwriting keyboards.

I practiced some writing long ago but stopped thinking I have no intention or use to write in daily life…but now I’m biting the bullet just to improve. My issue with pen-to-paper repetition is that I tend to space out by third repeat which is a waste of time and SRS can by far better manage this process. I’m not looking to be a shodo master but I’m seeing the limits of relying on reading vocab/collocations via input alone. Mnemonics are a great start but not a long term solution for separating the list of similar looking kanji in isolation, especially as your knowledge base grows…help in reading handwriting as well. I’ve had several natives comment on how I could anyone could actually learn kanji properly without writing them, I’m starting to finally understand what they meant.

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