Kanji vs. Vocabulary

My goodness, I know this has been talked about so often, but I just need to say… I go crazy trying to remember the kanji vs. vocabulary readings. I don’t know how many times I’ve messed up and gotten the shake of death because I put the kunyomi instead of the onyomi reading; or even worse - the wrong reading of both of those because there are multiples of them.

The only solution I have been able to find to combat this is remembering words rather than just the individual kanji, and also noticing the changes when a kanji is next to another kanji vs. hiragana, or when there are exceptions.

Does anyone have any other tips/suggestions to help combat this other than time and practice?



Just to slightly nitpick, but to be more accurate it’s putting in a valid reading that was not the one taught in the kanji lesson. Not all kanji lessons teach the on’yomi.

The way to combat it is simply time and practice. Unfortunately there is no other quick fix answer. Outside reading is one way that will help with this. Encountering things in the wild through immersion will help to eventually reinforce things along with the SRS reviews.

This is my tip.

See, remembering words is better because words is what you’re going to use in real life. They give you something concrete to hang a mnemonic on. And yeah, you’ll be surprised at how much that helps you remember the kanji readings as a result.


Does this answer help you?

The FAQ also covers this a bit:

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