Kanji Used in a Boruto Episode

Hello, this is my first time posting something on here. I was watching a little bit of Boruto yesterday on youtube and here’s the link to the episode: - YouTube

In the short video if you skip to around 1:11-1:15, Sarada (Sasuke’s daughter) is surprised to see Sasuke on a national holiday because he is usually busy doing undercover missions for the village. She says でもパパの境界(kyoukai)て来てくれるとは思わなかった。I searched up this word on jisho.org and it means “boundary.” I am not sure why they use 境界 in this context or is this just an expression in casual Japanese conversation?

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Yeah, if you were basing this off of the auto-generated Youtube subtitles, those are usually pretty iffy in any language.


This cleared up my misunderstandings because I followed the Japanese subs they provided for me on youtube which gave me the typo lol. I thought it was weird… anyway ありがとうございます!

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