Kanji usage in context sentences

Vocab sentences often are either missing Kanji or contain ones you didnt learn yet.
For example: Humanity (sry no link because i am on mobile)

On the one hand it could be helpful to repeat Kanjis using context sentences at a later point.
could be changed to

While on the other hand some sentences use Kanji i havent learned yet making them utterly useless.
contains 私達 which i havent learned yet.

I agree with this, wonder why it’s so.

Lets wait for the important people to give,an answer!

The sentences with all the kanji you don’t know are the original sentences. The others were added relatively recently so people could read them with the kanji they should know at that level. But that means if you’re checking sentences during reviews, you have to read kana even when you learned the kanji already from later levels.

In my mind the best solution is to dynamically change the sentence for each user to include furigana for unlearned kanji (including kanji not in WaniKani). Second best would be to include furigana for all kanji from later levels and kanji not included in WaniKani (not dynamic per user). But I think the most important thing is that all sentences should use kanji where the kanji is typically in the real world, regardless of level.


The biggest problem with the current context sentences is that it is basically impossible to look them up, your idea with the furigana would make a good solution as well!

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