Kanji split in "batches"

I’ve just started level 15. Since Level 14, I’ve noticed that lessons for kanjis are longer evenly distributed.
On the previous levels, first kanji “batch” consisted of ca. 50% kanjis and then, after guru’ing the first one, another 50% were introduced.
Today, after starting the level, I was presented with ca. 87% of level’s kanjis in the first batch, with only five left.
Is this a new feature or the things have always changed at Level 14?

Things always changed at this level. Kanji are blocked by radicals, and if you look at the level pages you’ll notice that starting at this level there are far fewer radicals than before.

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Yeah unfortunately, it seems that it’s like this from level 14 onward. At least it’s been like that from 14-24, I can’t speak for levels higher than this. There are way less radicals level 14+ than there were in the earlier levels, making the kanji you unlock in the second batch much lower. I do feel like it’s a lot more difficult, and it also makes it so you tend to get way more vocab in the second batch than you do when you level up.

Because you’ve unlocked so many radicals, many new kanji use more radicals that you already learned, so a higher percentage of kanji will be unlocked from the start of the level. There’s even the fast levels where you have enough kanji unlocked to level up without even needing to learn all the radicals.

You should consider it a good thing you get more unlocked right away. That doesn’t mean you have to try to learn them all at once though.

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