Kanji Shodo Daily's


I recently started doing shodo and have been doing a kanji a day and combining it with a related 3d background I have created.

Would appreciate support.

Thank you,


Are these things you wrote yourself? Really good!


Thank you,

Yes, but my wife is Japanese and did a lot of shodo as a kid and helped guide me on how to do shodo.

Shodo is a lot of fun (:

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I’m just waiting on my brushes, inkstone and signature seal to arrive from China then I will start my own shodo journey. As I had a lot of free time I have turned my conservatory into a small space for artwork. I don’t expect to be producing anything brilliant immediately but I’ll post up some pictures if I end up being satisfied with anything (not likely in the first year!)


That’s awesome. I have not got a signature seal, I really like the look of them those.

I would like to see a beginners work, like me. it’s a lot of fun, I bet you will enjoy. (=

I am not satisfied with my shodo but for me posting everyday help me stay motivated.

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