Kanji Shaming 又

D: how did I not connect that one! I love lion king.

Cows have udders, which are sticky-outy bits. Picture a cow with an udder on its head. How silly!

At noon, you want to lie down for a nap, so there is no sticky-outy bit on top of noon, unlike our reimagined cows with udders on their heads.

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Wow. That’s udderly brilliant!


what’s a mataまた with you? can’t get the Kanji? Try again I’m sure it’s only a mataまた of time!

To be honest, even if you don’t get it, it doesn’t really mataまた, don’t worry about it just keep going and working on other things.

As a mataまた of fact there are lots of things from previous lessons I’m still learning, so just progress to level 3 and let SRS do its thing!

I need to have at least 10 characters to post …

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