Kanji review visual bug

Hi, I seem to have found a shading/coloring? bug. While doing reviews every time I come across the “failure” kanji, it looks a bit discolored, however the review works perfectly fine and its probably just a visual bug. The kanji also looks fine everywhere else.
Edit: Im using Macbook Mojave 10.14.3, and Google Chrome 75.0.3770.100

What could be helpful is if you tell WK your browser/OS version and other pertinent information

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Oh my bad, sure! Im using Macbook Mojave 10.14.3, and Google Chrome 75.0.3770.100

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Since 敗 comes directly from a font, this is almost certainly a graphics driver issue.
Try going to chrome://settings/, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Advanced’, then scroll to the bottom and turn off this setting:

If that fixes it, try upgrading your graphics driver and re-enable hardware acceleration in Chrome.

Having hardware acceleration ON is good, generally, so if you decide to turn it off, make a note for yourself to check back in a few weeks or months to see if the bug has been fixed in Chrome or the graphics driver, so you can re-enable hardware acceleration.


That might fix it, I cant really check since it only looks discolored in my reviews. But as you say, its not something big for me to turn off my hardware acceleration. Thanks though!
Edit: It doesnt bother me at all by the way, I just thought since its a bug maybe the devs here would like to squash it :wink:

Another possible cause is that you washed your coloured kanji together with your white kanji in the washing machine.


The same goes for some of my clothes too unfortunately :sweat_smile:

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