Kanji recognition

Why is it that with some can kanji my brains just don’t make any connection to recall and with others easier.
Is it because some kanji and learned the radical already?

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Our brains are just funny like that sometimes. Some kanji stick right away and some take time. Just trust the SRS and let it do its job. The kanji you recognize easily will get sorted out and the ones you struggle with will show up again and again until you can recall them just as easily. Just remember that getting items wrong during a review session isn’t a bad thing. Just charge ahead full speed and make lots of mistakes while you’re at it.

Also–if you’re not doing this already–whenever you get an item wrong in a review, take the time right then and there to go back over the mnemonic for the reading and the meaning.


Non sticking kanjis are become engraved in my brain when they stick and I don’t forget them easily. The ones that easily sticks, I tend to forget them easily. Those easy sticking ones are bothering me most.


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