Kanji reading question 輝夜 月

How does this 輝夜 become kaguya and moon 月 runa i was watching her introduction video on youtube and her name popped up and i was just like wat ? O.o

Names can be read in a lot of different ways. Just having the kanji are not enough to know how someone is actually called.

For 輝夜 かぐや is a standard reading, but it shows as female name in enamdict.

When you register a name for a baby you can choose the kanji and how they should be read. I’m sure there are some restrictions, but you can choose 月 = Luna (るな). There are lots of other ways to read 月 as a name, including むーん (apparently).


In Death Note, Light’s name is also written with 月.

But yeah, it’s very common for Japanese people to have to ask other Japanese people how they read their name.


I see I see thank you both for the help it was really bugging me before bed >.>

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