Kanji Reading in first level

During the lessons of Kanji reading for first level. I countered some Kanji for example which is
Enter and to memorize it we use new. In which, whenever quiz starts and i write the work new it gives other Japanese character.
What issue I’m making? maybe it’s my method or something?

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That would be the difference between big and small characters, my friend. Clicking the ひ symbol there will show you how to type all kana, including small characters. I’m assuming you already know that it’s にゅう, not にょお, right?


The word “new” is not how you type the answer. It’s to remind you of the pronunciation. The way you type the correct answer is nyuu, which sounds similar to the English word “new.”

Have you studied hiragana at all?

I think the issue is deeper than that. They’re trying to type “new.” Though I don’t know how they got from that to によお.


Have you learned hiragana yet? If you haven’t I would suggest doing so first. Also, I would suggest learning how to type hiragana as well if you haven’t done so already.


It almost looks like they might have been trying to phonetically type out ‘neo’? :man_shrugging: :thinking:

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If you’re doing input from romaji to kana (typing on a keyboard), you typed “niyoo” when you need to type “nyuu”.


That looks like it might acutally be によぉ to me. But maybe it’s just WK’s font…

Thanks mate, as you guessed I was writing new I thought it will be like this. As it seen, my approach is totally wrong.

So, it seems i need to learn Hiragana first then go with Kanji.
Appreciate it, any other tips i need to know>

Thanks everyone to help.


You’ll need a bit of katakana too, but yeah, you certainly need to have hiragana down pat first.

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On the plus side, the Tofugo site makes it very easy to learn the hiragana.

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