Kanji Reading answers in lessons are not what I'm being taught?

Hi! I am a brand new student studying Japanese and I have just begun my Kanji lessons. I have encountered a roadblock in the Kanji reading where though I am taught in the lessons that kanji are pronounced using a combination of hiragana and radicals, entering the exact hiragana for how I’m taught to phonetically pronounce the kanji is labeled wrong in the lesson quiz.

For example, if I type かわ for River (pronounced “cow” as the lesson tells me and spells for me with hiragana) as an answer, it tells me I’m wrong and then proceeds to show me that exact hiragana as the answer. So far it is behaving that way for the kanji for Ten and Enter as well.

Has anyone experienced this issue before with the lessons?

Apologies, I originally typed こわ in this post originally but has intended to type かわ which is what the quiz won’t accept.

River is かわ, the first hiragana is a bit different than what you’re thinking (ka-wa, not ko-wa), which is probably what it’s telling you. Are you sure you’re typing it correctly? Also, the lessons sometimes stretch the sounds a bit, so focus first on the exact hiragana and then go to the mnemonics (that works best for me).

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It’s not pronounced “cow.” That’s just a word to jog your memory for the real pronunciation, since it’s easier to remember if you tie it to something you already know in English temporarily.


Apologies, I had included the wrong hiragana spelling that I had been inputting, that was what i later tried because the initial hiragana was not working.

I think they may be what’s causing the issue, thank you so much!

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