Kanji only sentences?

Yo people,

I just watched the s3 boku hero no academia trailer. Although my japanese is essentially trash and I haven’t went into grammar all that much (beginnings of genki 1) I saw a sentence that consisted only of Kanji.

How do the japanese read these sentences? This might be really ignorant, as I’m still kind of new to the grammar, but don’t you atleast need some particles or something to create a sentence?

at 24 seconds is what I watched. I actually know every Kanji in that sentence besides the very first one, but couldn’t even begin to understand how to read that.

Ty for any answers, I’m scared that the answer is rly obvious, but seing such a sentence seemed really weird to me.

Oh and also obviously: spoilers in video lol

It looks more like a title to me than a sentence.
Something like:

It might not be “hero” though since it’s 英雄 is hero and in the video it says 雄英

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Ahhh, that makes a lot more sense x) Even if it looks weird to me

雄英 is maybe the name of the high school? That’d be my guess.

雄英 = ゆうえい - “U.A.” (name)
高校 = high school
林間 = in the forest
強化合宿 = training camp

“U.A. High School Forest Training Camp”


Stop being so useful…


It had to happen eventually… xD


Thanks dude! Besides that - Who’s hyped for s3?! I sure am, think its airing in 1 month

P.S some ramblings:
“Strong Change Meet House”… “Training Camp” seems legit
What does the “Interval” Kanji have to do with a forest though :thinking:

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Just an FYI, I updated my response

雄英 is actually read “ゆうえい” in this context, that’s where “U.A. High School” comes from in the show (seems like it might be a clever play on the actual word for hero, 英雄 – I never knew that, 面白い!)

間 can also take on a meaning of “among”, so it’s indicating that the training camp is “among the forest”, i.e. in the forest (林間)

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Aye, that’s not a sentence, just one huge honking compound noun. They like their compound nouns. For example, 東北地方太平洋沖地震 (= とうほくちほうたいへいようおきじしん = Tohoku Region Pacific Ocean Earthquake) or 日本国有鉄道清算事業団 (= にほんこくゆうてつどうせいさんじぎょうだん = Japanese National Railways Settlement Corporation). And so forth. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Ooo, here’s a good one, which I just now randomly found on Google Street View. You’ll frequently see messages of this type around the place:

礼70周年新宿区立牛込第三中学校 = 70th Anniversary of Shinjuku Ward Ushigome Third Middle School

Congratulatory messages and announcements frequently take this form.


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