Kanji on Konbu package?

Having fun translating the text on this package of konbu I bought yesterday - but can’t get a handle on one kanji in particular, as indicated in photo. No luck looking it up on Jisho, which is the only resource I’ve used so far. Help?

Also I’m about to attempt to make dashi with konbu and katsuboshi so any help there also appreciated! <3

野生 means “wild”

野 is a level 12 kanji, btw, so I guess look forward to it.


Is that shredded konbu? Very interesting, I’ve never seen it sold like that in stores around here (US midwest)! Just out of curiosity, does it have instructions on the back for how to use it?

If you’re interested in trying Japanese cooking, come join our 和食部 thread! Here’s a post about making dashi :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen this kanji before, I swear… looks it up

Oh, I burned it in 2014. facepalm


Not a baseball fan, eh.

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Strangely enough, I can read 野球 easily, but in another context I just fail to recognize individual kanji. Happens all the time, I have no idea what is wrong with my neural network. Overfitting?

You can install a very useful tool on your phone called Google Handwriting Input (Japanese), found in “Settings>Language & Input”. It will download the necessary package and then you can try to write an unknown kanji by hand (or finger) at any input field and check its meaning on any other dictionary or translation app.

Edit: Forgot to add that the system predicts what you input and presents you with one or more suggested characters. From there, just copy and paste it into a dictionary app or translation.

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I don’t think the word 野生 is ever taught on wanikani. I actually learned it from trying to play Pokemon Moon in Japanese. Definitely a good word to know.

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A great number of words are never taught on WaniKani, because WaniKani isn’t a word teacher.

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…but it does seem to be the place where I’m learning most of my vocabulary.

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Yep, shredded konbu. No instructions for use on the back - but the front of the package seems to promise that the contents are the secret to delicious konbu dashi (but hey I’m only L12 so might be way off base there).

Purchased on a whim at one of our local Asian grocery stores - US south. I was there for ingredients to make kimchi and decided to pick up ingredients for dashi too because why not? Sadly I grabbed the wrong type of katsuboshi - I got the type intended for use as a topping. Which hey you’d think I could figure out just by looking at the package but…at least now I know about furikake so I’m having fun reading recipes for that!


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