Kanji LS Lists

I want to thank @tessberg for putting out those Kanji LS lists. I am using them to practice my writing and it saves me from having to recreate them. Very helpful. I couldn’t respond to your original post because it is closed. But if anyone is interested it is here:

Thanks again.

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Oooh… What a pleasant surprise! I’m so happy these files came to any use (other than my personal use). Also, I’m happy the hear that the site is still up. I haven’t really logged in since I set it up a little over a year ago. That old thread never got any attention. That’s a shame. Because the app is great.

This message goes out to everyone reading this thread. I you feel that there are too many similar kanji to remember, learning how to write them is a great way of forcing you to memorize them in detail. It will also give you a general feel for stroke order and stroke count, which is useful for looking up never before seen kanji in a dictionary. Kanji LS is a great app. It features SRS, like wanikani and anki etc. It is not free. But it is cheap. Even if you are not looking writing practice, you might still find it to be useful.

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It is a great app. For those that don’t know, it lets you practice writing kanji. It’s available for both android and apple. I am including links for both, and it cost around $8. They also have a separate app for kana.


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