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I have a question about Kanji garden. I read a Tofugu article where they recommend it and decided to give it a try as an extra kanji study/refresh tool.


I had a few questions to ask them and contacted them in all possible ways (feedback and two mail addresses) and never got a reply… Do you guys think it has been abandoned or something? Anyone in the same boat as me? :thinking::thinking:


I checked out the site, it actually looks very cool. But as I’m not even level 60 it isn’t something I could see myself using.

I can’t even find a Twitter or social media account for “Kanji Garden” which is very odd to me, especially in 2022. The app on google play says “updated on June 4th 2019”, and the iOS store says “copyright 2020”.

The creator “Kyle Coburn” has released other apps recently though in 2022 one called “Photos On This Day” (says copyright 2022). This makes me think that they’re letting Kanji Garden run independently on its own and are focusing on other projects. It’s like a self-running money maker :eyes:, the only input he may be doing these days is checking refund requests or anything that he may be required to do.

This is all just speculation from what’s available online though.

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You’re right indeed. It is hard to find info on the web about it. It is a nice tool, not as cool as WK though. They could improve it much more.
But I agree with all your speculations!

Thank you for your reply :blush:

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I’m a regular Kanji Garden app user and I highly recommend it. It’s very cheap and a lovely companion to WaniKani. It really helps with the different readings.

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