Kanji book

I don’t really see the point to work on a Kanji book on top of Wanikani. Isn’t just duplicated effort? What are the advantage of doing this book too?
It’s not an innocent question btw, at the beginner level there is a LOT to learn, lot of vocab/grammar/sentence pattern and a lot to do, like reading and listening (probably graded reader first, then simple text), so spending too much time in one area can be detrimental.

A system of what? Is there any system in English?

For Kanji, you can get interesting information by installing the semantic-phonetic composition script, it will show you what part of the kanji is/was the phonetic component. (if there is one, many Kanji have just a very messy etymology) But it won’t really help to memorize.

For vocab, I’m not sure what you mean by system.

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