Kanji Alternate Form Thread with different unicode

Especially when used in a real sentence writing (not as simply names). I think of this because of this thread.

Recent ones I’ve found would be
= 頬
= 掻
= 剥
= 嚔

Of course, in 味噌 is another very common one, but the alternate form has same unicode. There may be issue with Selecting and Copying, though.

A common one in names that would be
= 沢

Have you found any troublesome ones for searching in a dictionary/Rikai-chan?


Besides the ones you mentioned, I’ve also seen 摑む instead of 掴む and 傍 instead of 側 in a light novel I was reading. Not sure of this qualifies.

I guess anything 國 could be replaced with 国, so it does qualify.

I think of and as different Kanji.

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