Kananji - A Kanji Puzzle Game


I just discovered this thread and popped over to try out the game. It’s super fun, thanks for sharing your work!

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僕は頑張ることを続けるつもりです :man_technologist:
Thanks! I will continue to do my best.

Hope the above grammar is correct :smiley:

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Hi all. I’m moving to Berlin and starting a new chapter in my life. I probably won’t find the time to add new features for a while since I have my own studies and real life to keep me busy.



What’s the title of the chapter?



Live, Love, Learn, and 頑張りますよ
Berlin is very multi-cultural, so it will be fun. I found vegan Okonomiyaki street food last time I was there.



I tried this thing over the last couple of days and this is exactly the complementary app I’ve been looking for! :slight_smile: I’ll keep occasionally using it to brush up on the old vocab.

One thing could be improved - Maybe only show words that I can actually fill in with kanji I have available? It’s a bit of a hassle hunting for the yellow words in a sea of white.

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That’s a great idea. I could add a tab that only shows the solvable words. I’ll add a TODO item for when I have time. Thanks!

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  • Added “Solvable Words” tab that only shows words for which all kanji are enabled

You should be able to see the changes right away if you close all Kananji browser tabs and then reopen them to force an update.



Personal Update:
I just moved to Berlin several days ago and discovered that Onigiri are sold all over the city in health food stores! They are kind of expensive at 3 EUR a piece, but it’s a novelty nonetheless.



I updated the font definition to
font-family: Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;
in an attempt to get rid of serifs on more devices, browsers, and operating system combinations. Serifs are stylistic and make it look like a brush was used to draw the kanji (with the hooks / tapered off strokes), but I find kanji with serifs slightly harder to read. The screenshots in my first post show the kanji sans-serif (sans means without) so it’s likely that you have always seen the site without them as well. I’m not a font expert, so please post a screenshot if you think this change made the font worse.

Thanks All!



I don’t think my change actually did much. I can’t actually get it to work on my own work laptop with Windows 10 and Chrome :sweat_smile:

I’m really busy working at a start-up at the moment and trying to keep up with my WaniKani reviews in the evening, so I haven’t put a lot of effort into figuring out why the font is not working on my German laptop.




  • Added solved words to the beginning of the completed vocab list instead of the end
  • Set lang=“ja” attribute on the kanji grid to make sure that kanji are rendered with the correct font

I added solved words to the beginning of the list of completed words (on the tab with the double check marks) as a quality of life improvement so you don’t have to scroll down each time to find the word that you just solved.

Also, the font issues are finally fixed! Kanji should always be sans-serif.



Amazing Idea! Congrats for a job well done!

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