Kananji - A Kanji Puzzle Game


Thanks a bunch :blush:
I’m happy so many people are getting use out of it :muscle:


This is amazing! Fun version of KaniWani! I love it. (yes i know there’s no SRS here)


Yeah, it’s a rather simple app and has limitations because of it. No user accounts, no long term data or stats, no SRS, etc. It’s just meant as a little challenge to supplement your other learning systems.

Glad that you are enjoying it for what it is :smiley:


Wait four hours, then do the level over. Do it again eight hours later. Et cetera. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even better, make an anki deck with an embedded webpage to take you to this page so you can do it, request an API for this game, so anki can check whether the level was recently cleared, and make that the requirement to say “good” on anki. I can see this working.


this is amazing!!!
thank you very much


AAAA It’s great!! Thank you!!!



  • Prevented “Auto focus input” from scrolling the page in Chrome/Firefox
  • Updated Game Preferences so that “Auto focus input” and “Keep kanji in view” default to OFF

I prevented “Auto focus input” from scrolling the page so that users don’t get the impression that the app wants them to type kana for a single kanji selection. Most words have two or more kanji, so it would be annoying if the kana input were scrolled into view after each kanji selection.

I defaulted the “Auto focus input” preferences to OFF to improve the experience for mobile and accessibility users. Auto focus is kind of aggressive and could get annoying (for example on mobile if it keeps opening the on-screen keyboard), so I figured it’s better as an opt-in feature.

I defaulted the “Keep kanji in view” preferences to OFF because it can get annoying when the kanji grid is taller than the height of the user’s screen.


I played a couple of levels-- this is fun and a good way to reinforce what I’m learning in Wanikani!
It took me a while to figure out that I had to add okurigana to the kanji in order to get some of the answers. Also, I found that I could cheat a little by hovering over the link to the English answers to get the Japanese word/phrase.

I can totally see myself getting sucked into playing this game, but alas, as a relative newcomer I must go back to serving the crabigator…


Yes, indeed. Don’t tell anyone, or they’ll remove it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, no worries. I don’t plan on removing it. It’s the default browser behavior for links and it’s pretty easy to ignore.



  • Moved correct/incorrect answer notifications from the bottom-left to the bottom-right of the page

So that answer notifications do not cover up the kana input.


Wonderful! That will be a nice quality of life improvement - thank you! ^^


Thanks Omun! You were like the first person to test my website, and you left great feedback :+1:


@Omun is the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I need to try this out on level 2 soon xP


Always happy to help! It’s the least I can do, when talented people like you share their hard work for free while I don’t have money to spare to make the donations I’d otherwise make. >_>

Awww~! :purple_heart:

Yesssss~ Believe the facade, human. All is going to plan. rubs hands together and chuckles darkly


Just tried out level 2, it was a lot tougher than level 1. I almost thought there were no possible words at one point, but I found the one I needed and in the end I only had to look up two counter words that were lingering at the end. (I could have sworn I tried out those readings already, but the computer doesn’t lie!)

That was a fantastic review of level 2 :+1:


This is a lot of fun, thank you so much for creating this!


You’re welcome :blush:


I’m switching from Cloudflare to Netlify for hosting. This means that kananji.com may (hopefully not) go offline for a short amount of time during the next 24 hours.