Kana only vocab deck?


I’ve searched everywhere but I couldn’t find a deck with only kana vocab that I can study alongside WK. I saw a user posted the kana only vocab from core 6k but the file isn’t available anymore. Can anyone help?

Thanks for your time!


I’m also very interested in such a thing! :smiley: (would like your post, but alas am out of likes for the day! :’( )

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Did it for you :DDD

I’m also interested in this. Been focusing on putting KW up to date and completely forgot about using Anki too =/

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One of the subdecks of the core 10k deck is kana only. There is a link to it in the The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources Thread under Anki decks.

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Thanks a ton. Found it!

Here’s the link for anyone who wants it: https://mega.nz/#!pdwyibBb!qkceVHlUMv_CUkXnPJtR5w6kxKVAeB-fvAJ8HYEOeZY

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I got the “Core 10K breakdown by WaniKani” (there’s a Kana only option there also). The problem seems that in the sentence examples, we get Kanji that it isn’t in our level. Is there a way just to see the vocab flashcards? Sorry, I’m too dumb to even dare to play around with the Anki system =/

Mmm. What I did was mess around with the card templates so it showed the furigana on the front of the card, although it still uses vocab I haven’t seen yet. You can hit “suspend” when you’re shown a sentence card that you don’t want to see right now. Then you can go and unsuspend them later when you’re ready.

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