KameSame lvl 100

Hi. I’ve just reached KameSame level 100!
It may not be exactly equal to reaching WK60, but it was a ton of work nonetheless.

Here are my stats:

I was mainly doing WK items there, although I added all vocabulary from Genki1 that are not covered by WK, so there is a bit more. Here is my WK progress for comparison (currently lvl48):

I started KS in late December 2019 when I was WK lvl6 so I had to catch up a bit first. Later on I kept doing all the WK Guru+ items lessons when available. It was ~15 lessons and ~140 reviews every day.

Now, let’s hit that WK lvl60 in few months as well :smiley:


Wow. Didn’t think that was possible

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Was it only production or recognition + production ?

It was production for WK and production+recognition for the Genki1 words.

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Thanks !
And congrats :stuck_out_tongue:

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