KameSame error: OOPS

Found an error

You sure you didn’t put the katakana ニ instead of the kanji 二?


That was my thought.

Also, generally speaking, it’s best to post things like this in the dedicated thread for that application. This makes it much more likely the creator will see it.

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Probably, but I have to scroll through a list to choose a Kanji.
Which, by the way, Is there a better way than trying to remember vocab words to get kanji out of them?

Not in my experience, no.

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@Leebo @seanblue

Ugh, Thanks guys.

In my IME, it says 漢数字 next to the kanji and 全カナ next to the katakana, in the dropdown menu.

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Right, but in typing “ni” I get a crap ton of options rather than just kanji.
I dunno… It’s obnoxious, but the only way to find what I’m looking for.

This is what I mean.

I’d then choose the top option, delete the “ru” and hit “enter.”
Obnoxious process.

Onyomi might be faster for some things (and slower for other), but is this now just general feedback for IMEs and KameSame, as opposed to being about the thing in the first post?

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Sorry, first thing is resolved. I must’ve hit a katakana instead of a kanji. Thanks for helping.

In the real world, there’s not normally any particular need to type kanji in isolation, so there’s no really any sense in setting up some sort of system to provide for it. Honestly can’t even think of how you’d do it. (That said, 入 does come first on my IME’s list of suggestions when I type にゅう.)