KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp

Thanks for getting back to me so soon! I opened up developer tools and refreshed it (on Chrome btw). I’m not very informed on how to interpret the data, but I don’t think there were any network problems from what I can see.

Here’s the screenshot:

On the bright side, I can still do Study WaniKani Items. Just not able to study from the WaniKani list. Let me know, if there is anything else I can try to troubleshoot it. Thanks again!

Great app, enjoying it so far. Is there any way to do something like wanikani’s ‘review the last 25 items’ for some out-of-band practice? I know this may go against SRS philosophy so might not be included on purpose, but just wondering if it’s there and I’m missing where since for my learning style it’s a big help.

Hello. I just wanted to check if I was the only one having issues with the odd font/characters on KameSame. It’s the same with both Japanese and non-Japanese keyboard. Many thanks.

Nothing in the app has changed – in general when this happens it’s usually a result of a region/locale setting on the client device

Thank you so much for the clarification. :bowing_woman: Fortunately, the font issue seems to have resolved itself a few minutes ago.

Can you clarify a bit on KameSame’s XP and level system? If I understand correctly, KS purely racks up XP as a way to build levels. In that case, what does level 100 mean practically, drawing from the built-in lesson word lists? Is that equivalent to going through 1-60 of WaniKani’s levels? Or is that equivalent to a certain percentage of the Top 10,000 Words, or around a given JLPT proficiency? Put differently, if users knew how many XP you’d earn completing a given word list, one could track overall goals (N2 or whatever) in relation to how many XP they are earning in a given week / month span. That’d make chronology goals (and somebody’s done an “N1 by next summer or bust” sprint) a lot more doable.

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It’s a leveling curve wherein XP is earned for completing reviews, with more XP for achieved for higher SRS levels. You only earn XP the first time you reach a certain rank for a word or kanji, so the amount of XP earned for a particular item is capped.

As a result, reaching level 100 means you’ve completed some relatively high number of total items learned/burned but the amount will vary, since it’ll depend on how many items you have in-progress.

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