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Sorry to hear that. Probably a JavaScript error. Could you email howdy@kamesame.com with your browser and computer type and if you’re able a screenshot of what’s happening in the Developer Tools Console, if available

I recently reset Wanikani to Level 1 from Level 11. I have reset Kamesame and cleared local data, but I’m still getting lessons on Level 11 vocabulary. How do I get KameSame back to the beginning?

Hmmm…it seems that if I change the minimum wanikani level from “initiate” (what is that?) to apprentice, I’m getting the correct lessons. Problem sorted.

I’ve run into this too. It happens when the result is yellow, meaning you answered with a similar word, but not the one it was looking for. The mismatch doesn’t have to be another from the review queue, just a homonym. For example お姫様 vs 姫様.


Thanks for confirming – sorry I haven’t had time to fix this yet

Hi @searls
Started trying out KameSame today and I think it’s great, but I do have two feature suggestions that would make it that much nicer for me:

The first would be an option to have the entry box not centre text (i.e. have it left-alligned). The reason for this is that the kanji selection box for my Japanese IME alligns with the start of where I’m typing. This means when going through potential options of varying lengths the selection box is moving left and right, which is rather distracting.

The second is that at my screen resolution the text looks really big and it hurts my eyes looking at the screen. If there was a way to manually set the bounds of the display area, so that it auto-sized down to a smaller area, I would find it that much nicer to look at.

For now, I have a work-around for both of these, which is that I put the web page in a separate window, and then make that window much smaller, i.e.

This both puts the font at a more readable level for me, and subsequently means the IME generally doesn’t move around (since the selection box size of the IME doesn’t change based on font size). Given this, it’s probably the case that adding the second feature makes the first a non-issue most of the time, so maybe it would be redundant to add it as well.

Anyway, I have my work-around, so these are very much so just nice-to-haves, and I may very well be the only one that thinks this way, but I thought there was no harm in bringing up my feedback!

Keep up the great work! ^^

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I can’t think of any way to fix the sizing issue, but for the IME centring issue I’d recommend swapping to the Google IME. I find it to be better anyways since the corpus is a little more up to date than Windows’, and from my brief check it doesn’t seem to have any centring issues, but I could just be misinterpreting your problem.

Hi @searls, I wanted to ask,
could you add the expected number of daily reviews to the statistics?
I.e. Sum up for each bracket, the number of vocabs divided by the delay in days.

kamesame is odd. Just tried and got frustrated right away

it asks for meaning of あの

I type “that”, it sayd it wanted “say, hmm, well”

next it asks again later I type say, it says it is incorrect because it was expecting “that”

sayonara kamesame


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Sorry, the lists feature is pretty rudimentary and I never got around to cleaning each of the lists up of some of the sillier words. My bad.

Honestly the best way to use KameSame if you’re an intermediate/advanced user is to search for words as you encounter them in your studies and just add them to your SRS backlog. I spend 90% of my time on the dictionary, search, and SRS quiz UI and relatively little on the lessons (excluding the learn by content feature that allows you to paste in arbitrary text which will then be tokenized and searched for potential words to learn)


Performance update: Search :mag_right:

This will mark at least the third time that I’ve rewritten KameSame’s search feature, the needs of which have become more profound over time. The rewrite was inspired by the gracious blog post describing a way to tokenize Japanese text for a dictionary search that @ktou wrote in response to a tweet I tooted.

The search ranks things differently but mostly behaves the same way, but with support for additional operators. It’s also 10-20 times faster by most measures.

The search box accepts multiple terms you can mix-and-match:

  • full text english with boolean operators (OR is the default, also AND), quoted terms "like this", etc
  • fuzzy search english (e.g. misspelled words)
  • romaji (which will be converted to hiragana & katakana to look for text & reading matches)
  • Japanese words containing kanji/hiragana/katakana
  • Hiragana, katakana readings
  • Conjugate-able terms that contain a kanji character and any okurigana are will match all other conjugations and expressions
  • All double-width english is converted to normal (single) width
  • All half-width Japanese is converted to normal (double) width
  • All custom Japanese spellings will be searched
  • All custom English definitions will also be searched

Go give it a try!



Is the app incredibly slow for anyone else right now? Doing reviews and having to wait >5 seconds per answer.

Semi-off topic question… how are your server costs just $80/mo? Can you let me in on that secret? Even some hobby projects I run have server costs larger than that.

Thank you for all the recent updates, your work is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Random thing I noticed: If I have the site open and close the browser (Firefox, restore last session enabled) I’m logged out when I next open the browser again. However if I leave the site before closing the browser I’m staying logged in. No clue if that is intentional or a quirk on Firefox’ side haha. Not really an issue anyway, just something I noticed :slight_smile:

Apologies but I’m unsure what the session issue you’re experiencing is. It’s possible you have a very conservative cookie setting configured in Firefox. In general, KameSame’s auth cookie will last weeks if not months by default

As said, not really an issue :slight_smile:
Just noticed that if I leave the site open it logs me out. But if I leave it before closing the browser I stay logged in. Which seems a bit counter intuitive, but yeah, not an issue :slight_smile: (and well possible it’s cookie settings on my end, now that you mention it)

Sure thing. We’re currently hosting the app on Heroku.

The only runtime expenses are DNS hosting, AWS CloudFront (CDN) & Polly (text-to-speech), and the Heroku web & database hosting ($25 & $50. respectively)

In general I’ve taken a very minimalist approach towards dependencies and invest a lot of the time I spend on KameSame into reducing the resources it needs to work effectively. Current user count is >10,000 users


in my case, i haven’t been able to access the site at all for several days now.

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Amazing! Thanks for a thorough answer. I’ll try Heroku for my next app.


Just finished a stack of reviews that were pretty slow on the server’s answers (about five seconds of delay between each one, it adds up fast), my internet connection runs fine, is anything up with the servers today?