KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp

This is just a minor thing, but the weekly stars are no longer counting up for me.
I’ve been at 21 stars for around 3 weeks now.

Really? That’s so odd. I just tested locally and it’s fine. You’re seeing the star fill out on the progress page but the number just isn’t incrementing?

Can you email howdy@kamesame.com with your account’s e-mail address? I can try to investigate

but it’ll probably be part of a paid tier

If your going to be charging for the application, you should probably stop using WaniKani’s hosted forums for support. It wouldn’t be fair to WaniKani. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just to be clear, at the present time, I do not offer any support for KameSame, and the only official channel to contact me regarding the service is the address howdy@kamesame.com. In the event that I convert it into a paid product, I will of course be standing up an appropriate level of customer service (since that’s where most of the commensurate costs would lie).

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Can anyone help me with why KameSame looks like this on my laptop? I’m using a Chromebook; I’ve used KS on this device before like 1-2 years ago, and it wasn’t ridiculously spaced out like this.

Small update about the star issue.
For the past few weeks I used the ±button in the search tab to add new vocabulary.
This week, I used the normal way to add the last few to get to fifty and the star-counter increased again.

Ahhh, that’s great to know! Yes, that makes total sense and it’s an oversight of the way that lessons are created via the insta-add button. They should totally add to your star total

I never would have expected this kind of brainfart prevention, absolutely brilliant.

I decided that I needed to interrupt my review session to join the Patreon support. Thank you so much for this tool.


Hello guys!

i’m on my 5th level of wanikani, just starting to learn japanese…

I found KameSame app just yesterday (been using KaniWani for week before that). I realy liked interface and logic behind the app.

But i can’t understand the mechanics of new level…

In Wanikani you open new level. You learn kanji and vocab one by one, then you do reviews and slowly get to next level (that is closed to you before that)…

So if I want to use KameSame as a supplementary tool for WaniKani, I choose WaniKani Vocab (1-10) In lesson section of the app. And then all 10 levels basically already opened for me? ( I didn’t link my Wanikani account)… So there is no point of XP and levels for me? I just finished all Vocab from lesson one, and can see that next in start lesson section is vocab from lesson 2…

Really sorry if my question is dumb…

In KameSame, your levels are earned by doing reviews. You do reviews (specifically get items to new max SRS levels), and for each level you get an item, you’re awarded XP. The more XP, the higher your level.

KameSame contains 13000 kanji and 250000 words, so it’s not like wanikani’s curriculum

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KameSame levels are purely visual. I believe the system only exists to encourage consistent study habits through small psychological rewards. You’re free to add any kanji and any word from the KameSame database to your studies at any time. The WaniKani account linking feature is just to let KameSame automatically add items as you unlock them in WaniKani, and block the JP-EN recognition lessons for WK items, both as a convenience feature.

The “WK level1-10” and similar options are just premade lists that you can add en masse with one click. You can think of them like pre-made Anki decks.

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Microsoft’s IME does not allow for the input of 々. Would be nice if KameSame simply accepted ノマ so I wouldn’t have to copy-paste it from somewhere else.

@f3lix because I clicked the wrong reply button (*  ̄︿ ̄)
There’s several options here:

  1. Type おなじ to get 々 as one of the candidates.

  2. Type a word that uses it like 人々(ひとびと) and delete 人.

  3. Rick click the あ/A/カ in the system tray, select IME Pad, and write any Kanji you want with your mouse, or a drawing tablet if you’re so inclined. (Character recognition relies on stroke order.)

4. Add an entry to the user dictionary so that typing のま yields 々 as a candidate. To do that, right click the あ/A/カ in the system tray, select settings, select Learning & Dictionary followed by this: (click here for dropdown)

As you can see from my other entry, you can add anything you want here.

5. If you use Google's IME instead of Microsoft's, which I recommend, you can choose from a huge selection of special characters, emoji, and kaomoji. This menu opens with Windows Key + Period.


  1. No. 4 also works with Google IME by right clicking the あ/A/ア in the system tray and selecting dictionary tool.

You should be able to add it as a synonym

(Or just get Google IME, it’s better and only takes a few minutes to set up)

I have a minor feature suggestion. The main Japanese spelling for an item is the only one shown when its EN->JP review is failed, yet it cant be changed without first completing the JP->EN lesson. It would be great to have the option to change that without doing the lesson, or better yet just have KameSame show all Japanese spellings on a failed review instead.

I intentionally store your preferred spelling with the database row for your learning of the time, because the cumulative learnings of everyone using KameSame consume the most data of anything else (with a max of 300k items * 20k users). As a result, to save memory I only store this information once you start learning a word. Custom dictionary management features like this are something I’d consider if we moved to a paid model


Please don’t move to a paid model though cause I’m poor asf :rofl::rofl: and I need KameSame in my life!

Understandable. Though simply listing all alternate Japanese spellings on a failed review would be a feasible addition since it already does that with English synonyms right?

I suppose not doing that was probably a deliberate design choice though. :thinking: Well perhaps a checkbox on the settings page then, if you happen feel like implementing it and find the time.

I’m pretty sure that if there ever is a paid version, the plan is to only lock bonus features that don’t currently exist behind the paywall.

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Ngl would be nice if WK, KameSame, Bunpro etc all these different services could all be ok one site, the stats page would look juicyyy I don’t have bunpro yet but I do KameSame (it’s so chill) and ofc WK :+1:

Also I hope you’re right :slight_smile: