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Hey, just wanted to say ありがとう as I found your app quite fun to use! Having to do the opposite of wanikani somehow makes a click in my head and helps a lot when remembering pronunciacions and kanji. Excellent work!

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I want to echo this sentiment. I don’t care about the XP and levels at all as it feels completely arbitrary. What I do care about is that, every session, I fail some items because I mistyped or selected the wrong choice from the IME (which is something I would have caught in real life because most messages are more than a single word, but the vocab review format makes me go fast in order to get it over with, so every few dozen items there will be a slip). KameSame is just frustratingly unforgiving in this case.

The clean interface with the “alternate match” and the “Study words found in content” features make KameSame the best SRS tool for learning vocab that I have encountered (in addition to smoothly practice production from what I learn in Wanikani, which is also awesome).

When a vocab reaches the “recognition” Guru Level on Wanikani, The “production” lesson becomes available on KameSame which is perfect.
Although, when I’m mining vocab and using the “Study words found in content” feature, both “recognition” and “production” are immediately queued to my lessons.
I would love to have the same pace between “recognition” and “production”.
A checkbox in the settings or a combobox like the “Minimum WaniKani Rank” in the “Study WaniKani Items” feature would be perfect.
Is it something that is scheduled to be released ?

For now, I :

  • keep track of the date of the vocab I mine
  • uncheck “Vocabulary production” in the settings
  • add the new vocab
  • recheck “Vocabulary production”
  • and one week later I add the vocab again with “Vocabulary production” checked.

It works, but having this feature automated would be really nice :slight_smile:
Thank you for this incredible webapp

Thanks a lot for the note.

I get what you’re asking for and there is a lot I’d need to change to facilitate this. Personally, I want to start studying every skill I can (if I had a listening quiz module set up yet, I’d include that) right away, but I understand that spacing them out would be nice b/c doing them in very tight succession can cause skills to bleed over each other (get one right, remember the other one b/c the former just came up)

I think I’m most likely going to fix this by a system that figures out how to solve the spacing problem, but may not be exactly the option you want

Thank you!

I’m sorry, I don’t have immediate plans of changing this. More customization over how it’s meant to work is something I may revisit if/when I relaunch the app as a paid product

Is there a way to change the main meaning of the vocab? (Like the one meaning that actually shows in big letters in the reviews)

Yes! This is one of the more sophisticated things you can do in KameSame

Take an example item page:

(If necessary) Scroll down and create some alternate english definitions. These will both feed accepted english recognition correctness as well as alternate matches.

And finally, once added you can scroll back up and (if you’re learning the word) set the preferred text to appear when you’re being quizzed:

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Thats amazing! I thought it was not possible, since i tried changing it only during the reviews. Maybe think of my commentary as a suggestion then, to be possible to do it during reviews, a lot of people may not know that. Is great for me, since some words the portuguese meaning is more fitting! Thx ! I love kamesame

is it native audio recordings or text to speech?

The audio is generated by AWS Polly, which is good enough that it’s fooled several of my friends for being human

Just wanted to add my thanks for this, it’s exactly what I was looking for.

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Hello Justin,
Could you please give some details about how experience works ?
How come there are some small variations for the same SRS Level reached ? For instance I can get 39 XP or 41 XP reaching the same SRS level.
You said on this topic that we could reach the max level doing most of the stuff found on Wanikani but you didn’t say if it was by doing only production or both production and recognition ?

Also, in the first post of this topic, you talk about one-click study actions like learn/burn but I didn’t find how to mark vocab as burn. When I will burn items on wanikani I would like to burn the same ones on kamesame to fill in this JLPT bar which would otherwise only be half filled (production on kamesame but recognition on wanikani).
Also, there are things that I didn’t study on kamesame nor on wanikani that I think I will never forget like おはよう so I would like to burn it right away, is it possible too ?

(and I guess burning items this way doesn’t give any XP right ?)

Wow that’s a lot of questions sorry about that.

Thank you for your help and for making this awesome app.

I tried KameSame a whole while back but ended up getting stuck.
The notifications on my phone from other api wanikani apps make me remember I’ve got reviews and actually do them. So far I haven’t found a way to get notifications for KameSame if a review is ready. Is there a way to get these so I won’t forget to do mine?

Thank you!

Greetings Ivan

Hi! I’m planning on adding notifications to KameSame, but it’ll probably be part of a paid tier. For now you might just set a normal reminder outside the app to get into the habit of visiting it

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Paid tier with extra goodies? Yes please!

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I would pay for pitch accent info.

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I’m having a weird issue where it looks like my reviews are disappearing. Yesterday at 7PM ET, I had 13 reviews available, with 130 scheduled for the next hour, but when I started my reviews at 8PM, I only had 74 reviews to do. Afterwards, when I check the review page, it tells me that the next review is Now, but doesn’t allow me to review anything.

I tried clearing local data and changing browsers, but that didn’t work. I don’t see any errors when I open the console, so it seems like it might be a server-side issue?

I’m really sorry to hear this! I don’t know what the deal is. I’ll try taking a look at your account.

Have you used any features like vacation mode or schedule out reviews recently?