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DId something change on KameSame today? My iPhone is detecting the input fields in reviews as address fields and before I start typing the suggested words bar (not sure what it’s actually called, but the bar above the keyboard) has an auto fill contact button on it. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t doing this yesterday. (iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.2, using the site in app mode)

I was going to ask if you’d maybe updated to the latest iOS (12.1.4, I think?) which pushed a couple days ago, but since that’s not it, I don’t know what it’d be. There haven’t been any non-trivial changes to the code in a couple weeks.

I’ll take a screenshot if it’s still happening at my next set of reviews. Is there any other information it would be useful to grab for you?

Sure. I can not reproduce this in PWA-mode on 12.1.3. I’ll try upgrading to 12.1.4

It’s funny because the exact same thing happened to me today in the WaniKani web app. It suggested my email address when I was typing into the search field. But I can’t reproduce it either. (I’m still on iOS 11.)

I just remembered that it happened when the first word in the review was 丁, and the suggestions were for the street part of my adress (it happened for all the words in the review, but definitely started with 丁). It seems likely that my phone was interpreting 丁 as context meaning it was a form asking for my address. Not sure if there’s anyway to avoid it.

Edit: I mean that street was he prompt, got the order mixed up

kinda weird that it didn’t come up on your google pixel since it comes up on Google’s own Japanese IME on Windows and Gboard on my phone. What keyboard are you using?

Mind if I ask. Could you share the technology behind KameSame? (Frontend, Backend, Database, Hosting/Cloud Provider, Caching).


Front-end JS: Preact, lodash, two or three other very small libraries
Front-end styles: Sass and bourbon
Backend: Ruby on Rails (latest everything, Rails 5.2.1, Ruby 2.6.1)
Platform: Heroku (puma server, postgres database, redis, sendgrid, bugsnag)


Thank you so much!! Whew. So many to learn. I wish next year I could at least build something like yours, and reach 50+ level, of course.

Don’t worry too much! I’m fortunate to have lots of professional experience as a programmer and I also have the privilege of a good amount of free time to work on things like this.

I encourage you to think of tools you wish existed and to start small! KameSame actually started as a really simple sentence search tool for tatoeba’s CSV corpus. Then it became a totally command-line mini-game with no web UI at all. Focus on building things you need, not the end product! :blue_heart::green_heart::sparkling_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart:


Might be a silly question: are you planning to eventually support importing data from KaniWani (if that’s even possible)? I’m intrigued to try KameSame, but I’m like 15 levels deep in KaniWani and it would be a shame to start over from scratch…

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Sorry, unfortunately I don’t have anything like that to offer!

I have been gifted a year subscription so nothing comes up when I click on Account, Does that mean I cannot use your app? With WaniKani Speed only my API is needed. Why do you need API 2?

Are you saying Wanikani’s account page isn’t showing an API 2 key? If so, just click the “Generate new key” button.

The API 2 key is used by KameSame to synchronize your learning status with Wanikani.

But the ordinary API key works (kinda) for synchronizing in WaniKani Speed.
My account link is unclickable… Probably because I have not paid to be on Level 6 where I now reside (thanks to either admin or a generous member giving me a year to learn at no cost to myself).
If I generate a new API will my other apps still work?
See the ALLCAPS of ACCOUNT? Hovering over it is useless. Not clickable…

API 2 is just a new version of API 1, and you have access to both regardless of whether or not you subscribe to Wanikani.

API 1 works with scripts/apps designed to talk to API 1, and API 2 works with scripts designed for API 2. They’re not backward compatible, so you can’t use one in place of the other.

The ‘ACCOUNT’ text in your screenshot above is just a header, not a link. It’s intended to indicate that all of the links below it are related to your account… though it’s maybe not intuitive that that’s what it’s supposed to mean.

To get to your API v2 key, click on the Settings link, then the Account button, then scroll down the the API Version 2 key. If there’s no key for API Version 2, then clock the “Generate new key” button.

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I see the same font for HOME. Silly! Thank you, I thought I was going mad!

I just signed up, but the page isn’t showing anything. Here’s a screenshot of the site after loading.

What can I do to make it work?

There is probably a JavaScript error being thrown by the application before anything renders on the page.

The most likely reason for this is that your browser is older or unsupported. Could you share what browser and version you’re running?

As for things you could try to debug, I recommend trying with extensions disabled.