KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp

Right now the syncing is incredibly rudimentary—KameSame just looks at your level and lets you do lessons on the words at that level and below. I’m going to be making the integration to your actually unlocked item progress soon, so I’ll consider this when doing that.

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Tokenizing Japanese is Very Hard™ and some items have multiple readings, so this is more what I have in mind than Furigana/Ruby:


Okay, the app will now open any external links in a separate (single) browser tab.


Seems very nice, thank you! I’ve already registered :slight_smile: As other people has pointed, the “Guru” level for the items to appear would be nice.

Also, the conversion from romaji → hiragana is not implemented or not working for me? I am in firefox. In my cell I have an app for the keyboard but in pc i like to enter in romaji (I confess, because its faster).

Thanks so much again!

This sounds incredibly useful. I’m already starting to notice the synonym problem in KaniWani, so I’ll have to give it a try.

Also, hi! :wave: You accidentally sold me on getting this service.

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Awesome, thank you!

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The app actually intentionally does not convert romaji to hiragana. Because every question wants you to produce Japanese, I want people to use the native/real japanese keyboards/IMEs provided by their operating system (just like you would do to text a friend in Japanese!)

For a lot of us, I suspect KameSame will be a great way to learn the kana keyboard on their smartphone well. I’ve only been using the app for a couple days and my ability with the kana keyboard is already much better.


It’s ok, but at work i cannot install certain things (nor use them) but I actually use the same pc for my free time.

I will try with my cell.


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Great idea, but 3 of the first 5 words I was given are words I haven’t even learned yet! I did all my vocab up to level 18, but haven’t yet done all for levels 19 and 20.
I’ll be back when I have some chance of making progress. :grin:

Thanks! This is the next feature in the backlog; will probably find time this weekend to make sure lessons you pull are things you’ve learned.

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Hello! Looks great :slight_smile:

I noticed this a moment ago!

Note that this isn’t in WK:

Since the app currently gets all its data from WaniKani, I really don’t know what to do in cases like this. I guess we could add a KameSame-scoped synonym system?


Opera Developer on Windows - I click on “Start lesson” and it shows the lesson for a millisecond and goes back to the “Start lesson” page

Could you message me with stack trace and any other details?

  1. How do I get a stack trace?
  2. How do I send PMs? (I’m new)

PM’s have actually been disabled on the WK forums so, unfortunately this wouldn’t be possible. There is a Pseudo PMs thread where you can message (semi-)privately to each other. But that’s about it.

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I love this idea and so far it looks better than KaniWani to me. But, I do prefer to only review items that have been burned, so I don’t mess up the WK SRS. I’ll probably convert once this feature is available here


I just tried this, and it’s really well done. The way you’re explaining wrong answers, and responses that are close but not the intended answer, is very nice!


Thanks for working on this and making it available to the community.

With regard to 回転寿司 vs. 回転ずし, maybe WK vocab could be fed into jisho.org (or some other resource) and the form that’s returned and the “other forms” could be automatically added as synonyms.


Love this! Very well done!
On Chrome mac, sometimes I need to press enter more than a couple times for the answer to be registered :slight_smile:

Would love to contribute~