KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp

There is probably a JavaScript error being thrown by the application before anything renders on the page.

The most likely reason for this is that your browser is older or unsupported. Could you share what browser and version you’re running?

As for things you could try to debug, I recommend trying with extensions disabled.

I’m running Chrome OS

Here’s my version:

BTW, it works on my mobile browser.

First of all I’d like to just say this is fantastic. This is a great companion to WaniKani.

One feature request I’d be really interested in would be the ability to remove/disable certain items from reviews.

I have been doing lessons based on word frequency, and as a result a large portion of my reviews are basic vocab that I already know very well (eg: numbers, counting people, days of the week, etc.)

I would love to be able to disable these items from appearing in reviews so that I can focus on the more challenging vocab that I really need to work on.

Otherwise I am finding the experience with KameSame to be awesome. Keep up the good work!

This is already implemented. Just search for the item and then click to unlearn the review.

I’m trying Kamesame right now, it’s like what I was looking for, now… it’s there a way to block or ignore individual items, like vocab, kanji, if I clic “reset this vocabulary” it just goes back to lessons.

Ah, no not currently. I’d encourage you to mix in items you know with those you don’t (since you’ll see them at most 9 times, ever).

If you really never want to see a certain item, I’d ask you to wait until I overhaul how lessons work, which will be more structured and curriculum-like.


I’m almost certain you’ve thought about this already, but I still feel like saying it :sweat_smile: it would be great if I we could access to jisho dictionary on a pop up window and when we look at another vocab it just refresh the page that way I wouldn’t have to keep closing page after page. Also, I wanted to have a quick way to listen to the audio.(I don’t even know if that’s possble) jejeje :pray: … and finally …Thanks for making this website.

Hit the back button on the jisho tabs that open and they’ll close. At least in Safari, and I think Chrome. I’m not going to add pop-up windows to the app.

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Yes but then the same items show up in your lessons and get added back to the review pile. Is there any way to exclude items from lessons as well?

Not yet, as I mentioned above

I’m assuming the re-sync to wanikani button just gets new lessons but it’s under the danger zone so I want to make sure it doesn’t reset lessons or anything else. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks

@searls First of all, thank you so much for providing us access to KameSame. I find it extremely helpful and it benefits greatly my writing and backwards thinking (recall) abilities.

There is just one thing, that I think would make KameSame even better. It often is overwhelming for me doing the constantly accumulating reviews (and lessons) without a schedule of some kind. Instead of just the “next hour” and “next day” counters, something more detailed like the WaniKani Ultimate Timeline userscript would make it easier to plan ahead for doing some more manageable chunks and not fall behind at the same time.

Are there any plans for implementing or would you consider on adding something like this in the future?

As for the lessons, could you please tell me the time that passes between doing a lesson on WaniKani and its appearance on KameSame?

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one feature that I know I would find quite useful would be an option to review kanji and vocabulary separately.

I also want to express interest in a feature like this. @searls Maybe something like the re-order ultimate userscript that WaniKani has but much simpler? This is my justification:

I feel that when going through Kanji cards on KameSame, I’m not truly recalling the Kanji, I’m more just recalling the reading on a keyboard and then selecting the right character. As you might agree, the only way to get a true reverse recall of a Kanji’s form (and not its reading) is to draw it. I can do this on KameSame by switching to Google’s handwritten keyboard when a Kanji comes up, but switching all the time is a pain with how janky managing three keyboards can be (EN, JP, JP handwritten).

Due to this, I’m currently only doing vocabulary on KameSame, and I’m drawing Kanji on an Anki deck I’ve made on the side. This is doing me fine, but it would be excellent to be able to set Kanji reviews to come first and then vocabulary second, or vice versa, so that these reviews can exist in the same place.

There’s probably not many people in my situation who want to recall Kanji by drawing them, but there is other reasons one might prefer ordered reviews too I’m sure…

Anyway, just wanted to throw my thoughts out there, and sorry for any verbosity. I’ve only started using KameSame just recently. It’s brilliant, and I have to thank you for making it because it’s helped me a lot so far.


Great work! Can you make the hour ignored like WaniKani (e.g. review at 06:30 makes the next available at 10:00). It’s kind of weird having one character review then a minute after, the next one…

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First of all, thank you for creating KameSame! I know how much work goes into something like this in the first place, let alone dealing with everyone’s requests and issues… That being said, let me add another one to the pile :sweat_smile:.

For me (iPhone X, iOS 12.2), the PWA won’t let me use my third-party keyboard—Gboard—to input anything. The keyboard popup shows, but it either shows an image of a previous first-party keyboard you’ve used or simply a solid grey background; in either case you can’t type anything. First-party keyboards work just fine, however, and Gboard works without issue in the regular web app in Safari.

Some cursory googling indicate that this may be an issue with PWAs in general on iOS, but thought I’d bring it up regardless.

Also please let us know how we can support KameSame development, either through donations or through contributions if you ever decide to open source more of the project!

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Thank you! Yes, this is (AFAIK) a limitation of PWAs in iOS. Unfortunately, PWA support is still a bit hacky in iOS and every time I’ve tried to workaround an issue like this, a subsequent iOS patch release breaks my workaround in some other way.

Hey, this is a completely valid idea. I’ll add it to my backlog

This is a really good idea, and the best proposal I’ve heard so far for how to deal with the kanji vs. vocabulary dichotomy—particularly for folks who want to use KameSame for drawing practice.

I’ll add it to the backlog

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Thanks for proposing this, but I don’t think I’ll be changing this soon.

It shouldn’t cause any problems, it’s the same script that runs daily for everyone. It’s in the danger zone only because running it frequently could (potentially) flag you for overuse/abuse of the WaniKani API for your key.