Kakuwaku: another writey thingy

Snave said... Nice! Is there any way for it to hide the kanji though? Like, just a show/replace with ???s toggle. I'd love to be able to read the readings, glance at the meaning, scrawl up the kanji from memory, and then click a magic button to have the kanji magically appear in the top left, and as a big ol' shadow to check.

Also, the Clear and Next buttons wrap tightly to the text within them, so when you click on them, they jiggle around a bit (wobbling the entire right hand tips pane).
Added a Clear Hint button to clear and show the Kanji character. Unfortunately it will clear the writing you did for now too. 
I didn't address the tight text really, though Clear one's seem to not jiggle anything now that I added a second one. The New button is less tight, but still jiggles.

Lissomia said... This looks really cool! Thank you :) 

(By the way, pardon me, what is this Munker's API app? I might look into that too! :])
Everything you need to know about Munksey's app is here: /t/Another-Wanikani-Recall-App-Chrome-App-For-Writing/3377/1   (That is his own thing and I know nothing more)

Snave said... Actually, another suggestion would be to change "All Kanji" to filtering by all kanji up to and excluding your current level as it's quite possible to be served up a kanji you've not yet covered (ie: if you're still in the radical phase of that level).
 That is a good suggestion! I didn't realize it was adding in unlearned kanjis for a user. When I level and have locked kanjis, I'll take a look and see how to fix that issue without having to take away all of the current level ones that people might want to practice.