Justin started Wanikani, and I love it!


I actually lived in Japan for 6 years during my middleschool - highschool years, but barely learned to speak it since I lived on an American base. I’ve always wanted to learn it but could never find anything that was truly helpful. Found this and now I can say, that this is an amazing website and learning resource. Thank you for this beautiful site that makes learning fun!


Justin Bieber? No, Justin Gross!



Justin Crabigator.


Alex! You’re Justin Time for this lively debate.


No problem. I was Justin the area.


Oh, are you adJustin’ well to this neighborhood?


We love you already please stick around…


This Justin: @plantron changed their avatar!


That’s right! Not that I need any Justinfication for that…



In case you wanted to write a song about it, here are the chords:


Oh boy, justin time for all the puns. O.o
Good luck, Justin. =p


This is Justin credible!


I am Justin love with this topic


Hi Justin. Welcome!

Don’t mind alexbeldan and plantron. They’re good folks…

((Justin Time was my favourite… just because I feel like that would make a cool comic book hero with mild time manipulating powers.))


…and he fights for Truth, Justin, and the American Way!


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