Just started this site a couple of minutes ago... I'm lost!

Just started this a couple of minutes ago… I’m lost: I’m not really sure what is going on here! Radicals are read in English and I don’t know what their Japanese names are; I’ll assume it’s not important. So I learn them first and then move on to kanji once they are in the Guru realm? Can I go back and review the material I’ve learned anytime I want? Why are there references to turtles everywhere? I though Wani and Kani was like a mutant, crocodile crab… I have a lot to think and cry about.

EDIT: Also, I’m happy to be here. The community seems really cool and supportive!

EDIT#2: Upon further inspection, I have confirmed that it is indeed a mutant, crocodile crab. I am VERY
pleased to make this discovery.


Hello and welcome!

Now that you’ve done your first lessons, have a read here, especially the links (pages and pages of info).

The names of the radicals are often their general meaning, but sometimes are just made up by Wanikani to work within their own mnemonics system. The kanji will get into Japanese readings.


The reviews are kind of built into the system. Just try to recall them when they come up again.

There are Japanese names for the radicals; but like you assumed, there are not that important.

Here are the names :slight_smile:


I will read all of this thoroughly. Thank you for the link!


Thanks for the radical names. I will check these out to satisfy my curiosity, but it’s kind of a relief to know that knowing the Japanese names of the radicals isn’t really that important. Thanks for the info!

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P.S. The turtle thing is vaguely related to the fact that kanji / Chinese characters were originally derived from patterns on burnt turtle shells. That or it’s just part of the lingo of the cult that you have just joined (mwahahaha) :crabigator:


The radicals don’t really have Japanese names because they are either just smaller components of a larger kanji, or a kanji that you will learn the Japanese name of a little later. The English names are mainly to help with the mnemonics.

The site is all based on a system of spaced repetition so there’s no need to review items yourself even if you could. The items will come up for review at the point that your brain is about to forget them, and if you can recall them correctly then they’ll come up for review again after a longer period. If you get them wrong then they’ll come up again sooner.

Welcome and I hope this helps.


Part of the ship, part of the crew! Enjoy


Get a notebook and write the characters down as you do the lessons and quiz. Try to rack your brain before looking at your notes first! This is the best I can offer other than keep plowing though the lessons.
Best luck and enjoy (and take your time)

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Welcome to Wanikani! Enjoy your stay here :smiley:

It can all seem a bit odd at first but you’ll get used to it, ^.^

First you’ll be learning radicals. Radicals are the building blocks of kanji. For instance, the radicals 七 (seven) and 刀 (sword) make up the kanji 切 (cut). See where each radical goes?
The radicals have English words attached to them to basically ease you into Wanikani’s system. Also, some of the radicals are made up by WK itself, eiher because the original radical makes no sense, because the original radical is just too similar to others or because the new word is just easier to work with in the kanji they’re used in :slight_smile:


The turtles are THE most important part of the whole thing, just accept it and it’ll make your life a hell lot easier


Thank you all for your suggestions, support and encouragement. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very good place to study.


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