Just leveled up without having taken all the lessons. Is this ok?


I’ve just leveled up from level 32 to 33 without having taken all the kanji lessons for level 32. Is this a bug or an update I missed? My impression so far is that you must have all kanji lessons taken + items in Guru status to be able to level up. Has this changed or am I having some sort of hallucination? :smiley:


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Wait… my avatar here shows that I’m still 32. But I’m seeing this + I have +70 lessons that I didn’t have earlier. This is definitely a bug, right?

A couple of notes…

Your level shown in the community may not reflect the latest level - logging out and then logging back in should fix it.

As for your other question, although I’m not an ‘expert’, I believe that you can level up when you have passed X out of Y new kanji in a lesson. (Where X is something less than Y).

It just happened to me, going from level 10 to level 11 - I still had lots and lots of level 10 vocabulary that I had not yet unlocked, let alone learned, and several kanji that I either had not learned or had not reviewed enough times, but I guess that is the way that it works.

Thanks for your answer. I’m aware that vocabs are not mandatory for leveling up, but so far I had the impression that kanji items were mandatory… And I’m definitely missing kanji lessons from level 32…

you have to pass at least 90% of the kanji to pass a level.

consequently it is quite possible to level-up before doing all the lessons, even before doing all the kanji lessons.

unless you are using a script to reorder your lessons it is nothing to be concerned about. however, if you are reordering your lessons, you will probably need to pay a little attention to keeping your kanji and vocab lessons balanced (i.e. not letting your kanji lessons get too far ahead of your vocab lessons).


Thanks! So it’s 90% and not 100%. I don’t know how I haven’t noticed up until today…
I’m not using any scripts, so it should be fine. I freaked out because I knew that I had a couple of kanji pending and I was expecting to take those lessons today after my review but all of a sudden I passed to the next level without learning them… :')


Possibly because the new, in-your-face “you’ve just leveled up” banner makes it obvious in a way that you may not have previously noticed when you level up (other than by suddenly having a bunch of new lessons added to your queue, and by receiving an email, if your settings call for that).



Jk, yeah it’s fine, just keep going and 気にしないで。