Just Lessons and Reviews?

Out of interest is it recommended to only use wanikani for reviews and lessons, and then when I’ve done them to go use another resource until my reviews and lessons come up. or should i be going through my kanji and vocabulary and writing them down to memorise them better? I just want to be able to maximise my Japanese learning so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Better spend the time between reviews on something else, such as grammar


I use another paid service called RocketLanguages.com. It has conversations, grammar, reading, writing,
listening, culture, and loads of reinforcement, AND it’s fun. Well worth the price, and you learn as fast as you want. I also have subscribed to TV Japan, and use the programs there to practice listening and reading. They have Japanese subtitles on most of the programs, and I still can’t read a whole sentence before they go on to the next, but I am getting farther all the time. It’s fun to see how much I can understand, and the children’s programs are fantastic!

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I, too, recommend to study grammar inbetween your wanikani activity.


thank you :slight_smile: ill give them a look now.

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