Just had my most demoralizing review session ever

We all have ups and downs, moments where it seems like we can’t ever retain a thing and others when we feel like the kanji knowledge is just flowing through. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t go well, but you have to keep on going forth no matter what, even if it means waiting an hour or two before trying again. Also, doing them by groups of 10 makes it less daunting when the 42+ icon appears.

Also, when trying to read Japanese contents outside of WK, it can be sometimes frustrating to know that you know the kanji but can’t remember it. Again, practice makes perfect, and eventually it’ll become easier to remember.


Never ever EVER let them build for long.

Not only are you breaking the time pattern you use to learn the latest kanjis (making those easiear to forgot).

Not only are you breaking you habit to study (making it harder for you to do it next day the longer you do).

But also as you will have a lot more to remember/recall in one go and you are tired and not even relaxed you will have a harder time doing it.

Just continue doing them but at a more leasure pace for a determined amount of time like only 10min or only 20min, if you don’t remember them of feel you don’t give your brain a time to catch up by doing something else for 1 minute and them go back to your review.

Also write down your first suspicion when you see it, our brains are way faster than us when getting ‘known’ answers but we sometimes butch ourselves by overthinking.

Keep on the new lifestyle and don’t get discourage, perseverance always rules!

This happened to me when I came back from Tokyo last time. I’d cleared down my apprentice items before we went, put WK on vacation mode while I was there and was super excited to start reviews again after a fortnight of putting all my hard work into practice. First session post-trip I got 29%. I had about a week of that (in retrospect I was still massively jetlagged), my apprentice items climbed to about 200, and it was all very dispiriting. It got better though! Well done on your new healthy habits but give your body and brain time to adapt to the new routine and when re-integrate WK when you’re ready. In the meantime, vacation mode is your friend to stop the reviews piling up, and when you re-start try to only do 10 at a time as your accuracy will probably be better that way.

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